Sunday, September 20, 2009

Don't Supersize That, Pleeease!

I usually do not post over the weekend, but today is offering nothing but torrential rains so we're stuck inside. While Mr. YnB is stretched out in front of the television clicking back and forth between football, Nascar, and possibly a baseball game, I decided to write what was planned for tomorrow's post. (If I do another tomorrow, is yet to be determined.)

 This entire weekend has been a wash out, so Friday afternoon a friend and I went to the movies.  I haven't been in years since we built our home theater room in 2002. (We wrote off movie theaters from then on.)  But, since we're up at the lake, my friend and I decided to go see "The Time Traveler's Wife" (a chick flick) which ended up being a real disappointment, but that is not the topic of this post.

When we arrived, the theater was empty.  Totally empty.  In fact, we were the only ones in our screening room.  You'd think that would mean extra room for us, but it was no different than being squeezed between other viewers.  The seats were so tiny.  How an overweight person could have sat down was beyond us.  And believe me, in this particular town, I have seen many, many obese people, but they must not go to the movies.  Anyhoo, this is still not the topic of this post. (It's a great day for rambling, so please excuse me if you are still here reading this blather)

Okay, I'm ready now to give you what you were waiting for (were you actually waiting for something?).  My friend, who frequents movie theaters on a regular basis apparently has this routine of buying popcorn, Junior Mints and a Coke when entering a theater.  She inquired if I would like some as well, so I thought, sure, what the heck, let's go all out (since she was treating).  I told her I'd have a small drink which was really a large drink at any other establishment.  She ordered the same, so the clerk served us two small drinks of our choice.  Then it came to paying.  Well, that's when the problem came in.  See, the "Best Buy" was a package that came with 1 Large Popcorn (which we had ordered and came with unlimited refills) and 2 Large Drinks (their "Large" was more like a trash can that required two hands to hold onto it).  Since the small drinks were already poured, we told him that's alright, but we don't want the large.  Well then, he told us, we can't get the deal.  She would have to pay more than if we had received the two trash can sized drinks (which came with unlimited refills).  Of course, there was some dialogue over this.  We are the only ones in the theater and they're telling us we have to be served the large drinks for the lower price.  Okay then, Mr. Smartypants give us your large drinks.  He then takes our cups and pours them into the trash can cups and gave them back to us without filling them up.

The following is not the exact dialogue since we are both ladies and would never think to speak like this, but you can get the feel of what was going on in our minds and would like to have said.

Us: Hey buddy, you tell us we have to get these huge-ass cups, then FILL 'EM UP!!.
Him: Well, I thought you didn't want the extra drink?
Us: Well, Mr. Einstein, if you are going to waste your company's money, do it right, and go all the way, okay!

Needless to say, we didn't finish our drinks.

And, exactly why is our economy  in the crapper, our health care system a mess, and obesity out of control??


Anonymous said...

You should ahve told them that you can't lift anything heavier than two pounds. That drink would surely qualify...maybe they would carry it in for you and give you six extra straws so you could actually drink from the cup without lifting the cup.

yorksnbeans said...

Good point! he didn't have anything better to do anyway.

NobblySan said...

That's brilliant, YnB - absolutely brilliant.

Proof that it's not just the British who have their head up their bum when it comes to scuh pointless bullshit.

Matty said...

We NEVER buy refreshments at the movie theaters. They are way beyond being overpriced, in fact, "overpriced" is putting it mildly. Their so-called deals only benefit them. Obesity and customer service are not in their equation.

Profit is.

yorksnbeans said...

Nobs...I wouldn't be surprised if the place closes within the next few months.

Matty...I'm with you on that, but she was treating! ;-)

Bearman said...

2 things about the way theaters work (at least several years ago when I worked there)

1. They don't make much money off the tickets (that all goes to the studio. They make money off concessions.

2. Balance of the concession is done nightly by taking a count of the actual cups and candy and seeing how many are gone and if it matches up to the reciepts. By giving you a large special with small cups screws up the balancing. It is easier to toss two small cups and indicate them as spoilage than try and figure out why their inventory and money don't match up at the end of the night.

yorksnbeans said...

Okay then, I'll accept that, but why not throw out the large cups and not give us the extra drink that we didn't want that came with free refills?

Anonymous said...

This post made my day, YnB.

This is my bone of contention with movie theatres. It is ridiculous how much they charge at the concession to begin with, but I can deal with it since I know that's how they make most of their money.

It's the people working in these jobs that get to me. I realize that working in customer service is a bitch (having done it for 10 years), but when you a)don't bother telling customers ahead of time about something you know would affect their decision, and b)then turn into a smart-ass about it, you just make both yourself and your Organization look bad.

Regardless, this is a hilarious post as usual, YnB. You have a way of putting a witty spin on even the most annoying of situations.

ps. thanks for the free pass, btw...thinking of ten things I haven't done was really starting to stress me out!;)

yorksnbeans said... give the guy credit, I don't think he was being a smart-ass, it was more like he just didn't have the smarts.

Okay, but I do expect a photo from you of your front door! ;-)

Bearman said...

"but why not throw out the large cups and not give us the extra drink that we didn't want that came with free refills?"

Quit making sense.

Anonymous said...

God bless them. I had that happen to me at Maccas. If I ordered a bucket of sugared water with my cheeseburger and fries I could save $150 on my order. What happens is I want to be dehydrated when my arteries harden huh? Go sell diabetes somewhere else!

Geonite said...

Only in America.

delicate flower said...

Only in America is right.. I take a nice small bottle of water w/ me to the movies! and order Twizzlers...

sorry you hated the movie, I loved the book but have yet to see the movie... hummm?

George said...

Corporations are tripping me out, too. They don't want to spend any money on improving customer service, but they'll waste countless dollars on frills, prizes, and perks that you don't really want. They surely need to get their priorities straight.

Anonymous said...

I must say you brought this on yourself. Ordering a small drink? Are you a Communist? This is America! We ONLY order's just how we roll.

yorksnbeans said...

100% Communist then!

nonnie9999 said...

next time, tell him to fill one cup and leave the other one empty so won't have to stop watching the movie when you have to pee.