Friday, September 18, 2009

Another TY&B "Something Fun With a Camera" Contest!

Okay, the signage assignment was a flop.  I removed it a few days early.  We can't have failures hanging around our blog site.  Gotta keep things rolling and fun for our viewers, so we had another mandatory board meeting this morning with donuts and coffee (and special Yorkie treats) to try and regain our reputation in the contest department.  Assignments that require driving around and taking photos have now been dumped into File 13.   Contests that encourage fierce competition and result in a winner seem to be more lucrative.

Tootsie came up with what we all thought was a grand idea, so we're rolling out the carpet with another interactive TY&B "Something Fun with a Camera" contest for all you contest junkies out there.

We all have front doors to our homes (at least we assume and hope everyone does) and normally they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, designs, materials, etc.  So, go outside (it only requires one step so as not to put you off ), and photograph your front door.  Then make sure to give your door a title.  It could be a descriptive title that represents just the door itself or your entire home. it to moi at   Photos will be accepted through September 30th.  The contest will begin on October 1st. (Don't hold us to it though. It could be a day or two later)   The object of this contest will be just like the Body Parts contest to guess whose door is whose. 

Bloggers....grab your cameras!

Who's Submitted Their Front Doors So Far?:  

Keep 'em coming!  And if you haven't met some of these great bloggers yet, please do so by visiting their blogs and saying "Hi"!


Anonymous said...

The warden said I wasn't allowed :(

yorksnbeans said...

Oh, I'm sure the loon could tempt him with something. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am thinking Loon's is red as in "behind the red door"

nonnie9999 said...

i have the most boring front door. picture a big brown rectangle with a knob and a peephole.

Anonymous said...

At least I have a door Bearman! I heard caves don't have them.

dave hambidge said...

Starting on my birthday, who kind of you.

(Note the subtle hint?)

dave hambidge said...

Bottoms, for who read how.

yorksnbeans said... just gave it away, but send it in anyway.

Calling all doors! Send in your doors!

P.S. Dave I did pick up on that!

blunt delivery said...

ahhh! i love this contest. i'm getting ready for vaca.. but i'm gonna do my best.

my front door sucks. you won't be missing much.

Julie said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY .... I'll take a piccie when I get home

yorksnbeans said...

BD...have a great vacation. I'll be looking forward to seeing your front door! I'm sure it's very "you"!

Julie....Is someone excited or what?? :-)

Julie said...

Ooops *blush* .... I just so enjoyed the body parts competition :-)

yorksnbeans said...

That makes me smile! :-)

Duncanr said...

Will send pic as soon as I remember to charge the battery in my digicam