Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pick Six and Pass

Here at TY&B there really are no rules (except when there are contests and games to be played. Then, By George, you better stick to them!), but this particular game wasn't started by me so I'm kinda changing the rules. Huh? Changing the rules of someone else's game? Well, smack my hands with a bratwurst!! But on the flip side, if you choose to change the rules on your site, I won't take offense. ( I probably will, but what goes around comes around!)

In the old game, there wasn't much interaction. The author posted his/her answers, but readers had to post their answers to the same questions on their own blog, so it was pretty one-sided. At TY&B we like things to be interactive, therefore the changes that were made will hopefully result in more interaction and exchanged information, not only here on this site, but on each blog that plays the game.

So here's.....Pick Six and Pass! (Copy and paste all of the following except the questions & answers when passing it, and change the link to your choice.)

A little about me and a little about you. Here are 6 simple questions and answers that give a bit of insight about me. 5 questions are mine and 1 question I grabbed from Delicacies. Questions and answers can be as serious or silly as you want. To play the game, post your answers to the following 6 questions in the comments section to let us all know a bit about you in the here and now. THEN.....grab one question from here (and give a link back to this page on your post, so readers can see your answers along with others, if they so choose) and come up with 5 new questions for your blog to keep it going!

Sound like fun? Well, let's give it a try!

1.) Are you wearing undies right now? Yes

2.) When was the last time you combed your hair? Yesterday. I came directly here from getting out of bed.

3.) When was the last time you shaved something on your body? Yesterday when I took a shower and shaved my legs.

4.) Did you ever wear braces on your teeth? Yes, for 4 long years!

5.) What time do you normally go to bed? 11PM

6.) My pick from Delicacies - What are you listening to right now? The hum of the computer and clicking of the keyboard. It's pretty quiet at the moment.


Anonymous said...

you want some music to listen to? send me your address and I'll post you a cd

yorksnbeans said... answers??

I'll take the music

delicate flower said...

Ok, I will answer, as yours are different from mine.
YES- Im at work, undies; black panties ( bikini NOT granny) and black demi bra ( DO MOST OF US NOT WEAR UNDIES?)

Combed hair at 7 AM as I left house

Shaved yesterday morning... and every day in summer if seeing 'my guy' Winter is a whole different story!!!

Braces: yes, high school

Bedtime: 10:30-11

Listening to: silence except for sound of AC unit, thank God, having a hot flash!!!!

yorksnbeans said...

Thank you DF! I wonder the same thing about undies. I would assume most do, but then again, we could be wrong....hence, the question! (Especially guys)

yorksnbeans said...

BTW...glad to hear about the bikinis! ;-)

delicate flower said...

no kidding.. sometime soon I gotta take photos of my panties to share with you guys! geez....

Duncanr said...

Promises, promises !!!

delicate flower said...

my reputation is at stake!!!
and, I need you to know that my ass ain't that big!!!

Anonymous said...

whoo-hoo, finally made it to the comment section wihtout getting booted out. okay now that i'm here, i'll make it worth it, now what were those questions again...? Oh yeah:

1. undies right now, boy shorts
2. when i put it up in a clip this morning 8am
3. last night
4. ya know? i never wore braces
5. hard question here: between 11:00pm -1:00 am
6. Amy Winehouse, "You know, I'm no good"

Duncanr said...

1. No - if not at work, then never wear any

2. Don't comb my hair - run my fingers through it when I come out of the shower

3. Yesterday - ran the razor over my hair and 'cut back' my beard

4. No - used them to hold my trousers up

5. 10.0 - 10.30pm

6. Hum from netbook punctuated by slobbering noises from dogs eating their dinner

Anonymous said...

hey delicate flower! "Oh what tangled web we weave.." i believe you..... :-)

delicate flower said...

thank you! Finally...... teehee

Lynn, going through your Monday series w/ Joe last night .. he really likes the red velvetcorset ... wants me in one ! that would be a bit of a stretch.. but nice entertainment factor!

yorksnbeans said...

Ooh-la-la...DF we got some commandos here!! wink, wink!! Although, aren't boy shorts considered undies??

yorksnbeans said... glad to see a comment from you!! :-)

delicate flower said...

we clearly have commandos in the crowd!
Months ago I was flirting with this guy I know while we were in a bar. I had on a short dress. I went to the bathroom and when I came back I had my panties in my hand and discreetly let him see them.. Then sat down on the barstool next to him! Amazing reaction! I would squirm around on the barseat a little and looking over could see the results of my actions!

yorksnbeans said...

Now that's some flirt!! In all my single years I never came close to that! That's what age and wisdom must do!

yorksnbeans said...

Although, now that my mind is wondering, I do remember a time that I played some hanky-panky under a restaurant table while another couple was sitting with us!! wink, wink.

yorksnbeans said...

It did result in the same type of reaction as yours!

Duncanr said...

Damn - think I'm going to the wrong bars !!!

delicate flower said...

Probably so Duncan! Don't they have flirts over there?
I find that my firting skills have matured and bring me- and others- great delight.. it wasn't something I really understood when I was in my 20's.. and I married at age 22. So, in my blossoming old age I've become an outrageous flirt and very seductive woman(at least in my opinion)!

delicate flower said...

my flirting skills as well...... I can't really talk about "firting" in this venue

yorksnbeans said...

The best thing about a good "flirt" is the eye contact.

NobblySan said...

1. Of course! (a place for everything,a nd everything in its place)

2. Can't remember... (towel it after a shower and leave it)

3. This morning (after complaints from MrsN)

4. Certainly not! (what do you think I am - a big girlie?)

5. About midnight (once MrsN has stopped watching stuff I don't like on the telly in the bedroom)

6. A chocolate labrador snoring loudly, and 'The Only Ones' with 'Another Girl, Another Planet' on Spotify.

yorksnbeans said...

Thank you Nobbly for bringing this thread back to the game at hand! Braces aren't girlie, are they?
And, what's Spotify? I wish I could get by with doingonly that to my hair!

NobblySan said...

Spotify is an online music streaming service. I don't know whether it's available in the States, but give it a go....

three w's(dot)spotify(dot)com

They've gota fantastic amount of stuff available, some of it really obscure, and the streaming and compression are so quick it's untrue.

I hope it's available to you.

yorksnbeans said...

Just went there, but no, it's not available to us Yanks. :-(

Anonymous said...

geez, while i'm over at madhatters you all are having some type of sex party going...and guess who wasn't invited!! ME!

on another note, delicate flower i must say that your flirting technique was classic! i really get a kickout of people's expressions and i'll bet you got a great expression that night from that guy...but this is about the game isnt it? sorry yorks.

yorksnbeans said...

That's okay Lynn...I don't mind the thread getting off track for interesting stuff like that!! BTW...Andy just tipped me off that the problem on my blog might have been the "Hangman" widget I had (even though it's been on here since the blog's inception). What I need to know is....did this last comment comment you just submitted, did you encounter any problems?

Anonymous said...

So duncan goes commando........

nonnie9999 said...

1. yes, i'm wearing undies. i would never blog indecently.

2. i use a comb after i wash my hair, otherwise i use a brush.

3. i have to look and see when my last doctor's appointment was to tell you when i last shaved something.

4. believe it or not, i wore braces for 8 friggin' years, and my teeth are still crooked!

5. i go to bed when most people are waking up. my internal clock is malfunctioning.

6. listening to the ed show.

yorksnbeans said... mean you don't have to shave your legs or underarms? Lucky you! 8 years! And I thought I had it bad! Are you a vampire?? ;-)

yorksnbeans said...

Yes, NM...who woulda thunk that about Duncs!!

delicate flower said...

I don't think she said she didn't HAVE to shave, just that she only shaved for the Doc!!! 2 different things...

And Lynn: the expression on his face was less astonishing than the lift in his pants!!! Check in tomorrow.. this is blog worthy (though this guy reads sometimes... )

Anonymous said...

hey you know? i havent had trouble accessing htis site for now 4-5 times today. i think my problem is fixed w your removing the hangman thingy.

delicate flower said...

Well Lynn, I still can't get there via IE, but it could be my computer? don't ya love technology.

yorksnbeans said...

That's good to know Lynn....but what's this about DF?? I didn't know you had a problem? Are you now using Firefox?

delicate flower said...

oh yeah, I mentioned it the other day.. problem is just on IE, so I installed Firefox to be able to interact with you!!! it's odd. I do a couple of other blogs on IE w/ no problems..

yorksnbeans said...

DF....I big hug to you, too! Bear said he'll change to Firefox just for me, too. I'm feelin' the love big time! :-)

Anonymous said...

hey YnB, I've emailed you twice after receiving your snailmail address but my replies keep bouncing back :-(

just letting you know I'll be posting the music tomorrow

yorksnbeans said...

Strange. I don't know what's going on at my end. Yesterday when you wrote, I got it twice and it was weird, it was like it was sent straight from your blog post titled "Presidential Gossip". Anyhoo...thanks!! Can't wait to listen to it!

Anonymous said...

1. Despite my freeballin past, I am wearing undies now.

2. Buzz hair cut

3. Shaved face yesterday

4. Never had braces, we were poorer than Frank McCourt

5. 1:00 am

6. The Postal Service

yorksnbeans said...

Hey FJ! Did you live in a shoebox in the middle of the road, by chance?? ;-)
And...please tell us what the postal service sounds like, curious minds would like to know!

Geonite said...

1.) Are you wearing undies right now? Yes

2.) When was the last time you combed your hair? I brushed my hair this morning. I don't comb my hair it's too long.

3.) When was the last time you shaved something on your body? Two weeks ago.

4.) Did you ever wear braces on your teeth? No.

5.) What time do you normally go to bed? When I'm tired.

6.) My pick from Delicacies - What are you listening to right now? The Big Prince- David Broza.

yorksnbeans said...

Hey Geo! Thanks for playing! I'm surprised how many people made a distinction between combing and brushing. I rarely comb my hair either. I guess I should have said "brushed".