Tuesday, July 21, 2009

God Only Knows What It Used To Be

I believe the most disgusting household task is cleaning the refrigerator. It rates worse than cleaning toilets in my book. On the gagometer scale, it can weigh in at the top setting of 10 if left long enough. Ten induces vomiting. The only way toilets can match this repulsive task is after a bad reaction to the #13 combo at Los Amigos, in which case must be cleaned by the culprit.

Yesterday, I was forced into cleaning the fridge because of a foul odor that wafted into the kitchen when opening the door. Hmmm...what could be causing that? There's not much in here. So, I began pulling the few things that were on the shelves out and sticking my face into see what may be lurking in the back. Nothing unusual. The odor seemed to disappear seconds after opening the door. Could it have been some dish I made last week that left a lingering scent? Who knows. But, now that I was in there, I decided to clean it. The open shelves were fine, but the bins weren't so hospitable. The gagometer just shot up a few notches. No outrageous smells, but the bottoms had remnants of various wilted lettuce leaves plus onion skins that somehow got encrusted onto the plastic that needed scraping off. The worst, which always causes a gag or two, was the gooey yellowy-orange splotches of God-only-knows-what-it-used-to-be stuck along the edges and in the corners of the bins. This is when I get a handful of wet paper towels and start scrubbing the areas while looking backwards into my kitchen or else the gagometer will shoot up even further. Finally it's gone. Thank goodness.

The only actual food item I found that could have been there for a few weeks (I only say "weeks" since it had not yet grown mold) was a plastic container with what appeared to be condensed cream of mushroom soup. File 13.

Well, today, I no longer smell whatever it was that was causing the odor (maybe those yellowy splotches) and hopefully I'm now good to go for another couple of months!


George said...

Cleaning out the fridge is certainly a chore I do not look forward to. Especially when I end up finding stuff that I would've eaten if I had only remembered it was in there. Now I pledge to eat everything at once and not leae any leftovers. :)

yorksnbeans said...

Yeah...isn't it a shame when you bring home something that was absolutely delicious in a doggie bag and then you forget to eat it!!

delicate flower said...

oh yes... my freezer needs cleaning. I left a dark beer in there weeks ago and it burst.. what a mess... hate that chore.
Nice descriptions, I've seen all of those things as well.

Geonite said...

Baking soda.

nonnie9999 said...

don't even mention refrigerators! today, i took out a pitcher of iced tea, and half of it was frozen solid. i mean ice more than an inch thick. the stuff in the fridge gets frozen, and the ice cream in the freezer is half melted. how does that happen?

lisleman said...

I have not been reading your blog long enough to know if you have kids but cleaning up a little one who has a waste disposal issue is much more of a gag factor than the fridge.

It's upsetting to throw out lunch/deli meat that was so good and expensive when it was fresh.

yorksnbeans said...

DF...what a mess...have fun!

Geo...nice to see you. Baking soda doesn't clean your fridge, unfortunately.

Nons...switch sides?? :-)

Lisle...That is definitely a horrid task, but not really sure it fits into the "household" category. But, your assumption of no kids is correct! :-)

Joanna Jenkins said...

For me, it's the vegetable drawers in the fridge that end up being a nasty, soupy mess. YUCK!!!

Good to know the job is done for another 6 months :-)

bluntdelivery said...

gag me on the lettuce leaves.

thats some nasty crap. it might be up there with mayonnaise of any kind, in any capacity.