Sunday, June 07, 2009

He Grabbed Me By My Slender Neck......

He grabbed me by my slender neck;
I could not call or scream.
He dragged me to his dingy room,
Where we could not be seen.
He tore away my flimsy wrap,
And took upon my form.
I was so cold, damp and scared,
While he was hot and warm.
His fervent lips he pressed to mine,
I gave him every drop.
He drained me of my very self,
I couldn't make him stop.
He made me what I am today;
That's why you find me here.
A broken bottle, thrown away,
That once was full of beer.


Anonymous said...

Haha YNBs-At first- here I thought you were giving us a 1st installment of a steamy short story! LOL! Cute!

Duncanr said...

Brilliant, YnB

Duncanr said...

P.S. In a similar vein . . .

I remember the first time I tried it
I was only a lad o’ sixteen
And though she was younger than I was
She was much more composed and serene.

It was doon in the byre on the straw
At the end o’ a fine summer’s day
The air was scented wi’clover
And the smell of freshly cut hay

I was eager, but nervous and awkward
No sure just how to proceed
But she never minded my shyness
And so I commenced wi’ the deed

I mind how she moved a bit closer
An’ the touch of her body was warm
A gey queer feeling cam ower me
As she nestled her head in my arm

Wi’ mounting excitement I started
Fashed aboot daeing it right
But as I got into my rhythm
She gave a wee moan of delight

All this happened a long time ago
But still I remember it now
I’ll never forget the joy that I felt
That day I . . . .




milked my first cow

yorksnbeans said...

My hubby's Dad used to recite this poem every Christmas Day for some reason. He is now in his 90's and still is able to recite it word for word!

Ann....when I first heard it, it really took me by surprise as well!

Dunc...yours is brilliant as well! You should post it on your blog. For some reason, I thought you would have heard this one before.

alantru said...


nonnie9999 said...

i was on the edge of my seat until the end! very funny! kudos to duncan, too. well done!

yorksnbeans said...

Alan...and here I thought you were such a nice guy. ;-)

nonnie...whoever wrote that poem was quite creative!

Anonymous said...

you hooked me in with 'flimsy'

duncan hooked me in with 'gey'

Anonymous said...

I was hoping this was Vampire-related... as I am obsessed with vampire stuff.

Anonymous said...

HA. I too bought in...I'll take another please.

Anonymous said...

Thats how you drink a beer damn it...nothing better than grabbing the flimsy cold neck and sucking in all it will give.