Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Sad Day in the Blogosphere

I was shocked to see all the animosity flying around cyberspace this morning. As though the real world isn't hard enough to deal with these days, now blogging has plunged to the lowest of lows. Hit lists, hate and vulgarities being tossed around making anyone's stomach turn. WHY?? What is going on?

For those who have left voluntarily or involuntarily or are unhappy with iReports, why not leave the site be? Move on, look forward, not backward. Find peace and happiness within yourselves and let bygones be bygones. What is there to gain for continuing the hatred? SCALPING???? WTF! Can't you see how ridiculous and sick that sounds, no matter who started it all? Just end it. Nothing good will ever come of this type of behavior. iReports will be there until the day CNN decides to shut it down. iReporters will come and go. It is extremely childish to place so much emphasis on such absurdity.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh I agree yorks! But I think (coming from the VF message board you know), that Lisa was joking. And I've seen some rather ridiculous personal jokes attacks from the other aisle on ireports. Auntie was banned for insisting that Lisa who commented that she believed in little fed. gov't like Thomas Jefferson, she was banned b/c she kept slandering Lisa's statement and telling her then she was a Slaver. I mean that's pretty bad. And it wasn't just one but about 20... so I call that defamation of character, race card, baiting whatever... but there's a lot of fired up ppl on ireport who loved auntie. (Ideawoman), and they are playing a game too. People shouldn't try and put words in other peoples mouths. David banned Lisa b/c auntie complained (and her friends complained) and that's a little crappy. So I guess they taunt over at wordpress cause they felt the move was unjust. I mean who wants to be called a slaver for admiring Thomas Jefferson.

Low blows indeed!

Apparently I missed a lot last night, I was watching a really bad Sci Fi movie, but I don't try implicate anyone myself. In fact, poor rosehips is being stalked by Hemmie (who David banned because of it) and now Hemmie is LindseyM. Yup. Chaotic for sure!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that you put Garage in the "Favorite Room" poll! That's funny!

yorksnbeans said...

I put it there for the guys!! :) And I thought the Laundry Room was kind of funny, too!

yorksnbeans said...

Well, I just don't get it. I've never had any words with VF, but I can certainly understand how she can ruffle feathers, along with a handful of others. I just stay away, but others obviously can't, they get sucked in. Why not just leave iReports alone, instead of obsessing over it and it's reporters. It's so juvenile in my opinion. It seems like there are several X-iReporters that just want to continue the arguing.

Anonymous said...

uh huh...
Poor KarmaHD. His real life name was outed by Ideawoman (with a vengeance last night) .. and now there is a new, ireporter with this name:

KarmaSUX and a picture of a baby.

See what the kind of stuff they write:

KarmaSux // 19 minutes ago
Report violation
If I were bush I wouldn't leave the country. You know what they say about karma, lol

And JaineInMain -> Hemmie -> LindseyM is stalking/harassing poor rosehips for daring to comment on VF's blog. Often rosehips is telling her POV, and questioning the ideas VF posts as political reports. It's all stupid, but that's what happens when people are censored.

They crawl out of their woodwork anyway, no matter what they believe.

Yeah, my laundry room is generally the LEAST used room of this house!!! Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

as for LisainTX... like I said, autiebjw said that she wanted slavery if she admired Thomas Jefferson, about 20+ times. Now that I call defamation of character and slander. Lisa didn't report auntie, and neither did I, but someone did. And auntie was taken down. 5 hours later, they took Lisa down (b/c auntie friends were complaining) they told Lisa that they were arguing. So Lisa felt betrayed by ireport, you see. Someone completely slanders her, spams up a post saying she loves slavery,, which if you read it, you'd see who was to blame in that comment thread. Then CNN/ireport caves and cuts Lisa. That's why she was referring to "scalps"... the way her rational was, "hey, if I get banned for no reason, at least auntie was banned battling with me. And rightly so."

I like Thomas Jefferson. I would be flabbergasted if someone tried to tell me I wanted a return to slavery for admiring the Constitution. You know? Just clarifying... in case you hadn't heard the whole shebang.

What dramz!!!

yorksnbeans said...

There's probably fault on both sides and David Williams is more than likely get tired of the drama. That's probably the reason my report got yanked yesterday. That report would have added to the drama (shame on me for submitting it!! Although I do think it was probably the most clever of my submissions! :). The website is supposed to pertain to news and people's opinions of the news, not prime time reality shows of bickering back and forth and calling each other names. It takes away from the credibility of a news organization. Anyway, thanks for the input and thanks for being a friend! :)

Anonymous said...

cool!! I agree!

Geonite said...

The amount of vitriol on VF's blog surpasses anything I could imagine.

That blog is pure poison.

What goes around comes around. The people on that post will pay. I don't know how or when but they will. And they are probably too narrow minded and ignorant and just plain stupid to get it.

Sorry beans. No offense towards you.

yorksnbeans said...

Geo - I agree with you wholeheartedly. I don't want to make enemies with anyone, but I saw in the very short time I knew about her blog that it spews hatred and it's gaining speed. Why can't they make their points and express their feelings more positively and leave iReports alone? I have pretty much stayed away from it lately until I saw what was going on at iReports yesterday and it lead me to her blog. I was dumbfounded. M2...sorry, I mean no ill-will. I just don't like seeing hatred gone awry. It's scary and could lead to much worse things if it is not controlled. I know it's just the internet and maybe they are just having fun and letting off steam, but it doesn't look that way to others.

Anonymous said...

I understand there are bad feelings all around from all sides getting banned by instigators, and it didn't start on VF blog, but before, (and VF has been threatened with the most awful gruesome scenarios you can imagine from ireporters). So I can say that if you feel there's hate on one side- rest assured it is on the other side. I'm just going to be like rosehips and blabby, who I thought had a good report. Do you know David is probably somewhere in between annoyed to total 'funny farm' laughing? It's all so inconsequential. I think reading through blabby's comments were pretty interesting and give a picture to all sides of the story. from the start the the end... :)

At least from my perspective, and that's all I can speak for... me.