Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who Is That Cutie?

Name That Cutie!
November's "Something Fun" Contest
Everyone can play, so give it go

Submit your answers in the comments section by Nov. 16th

To make the game a bit more challenging this month, I am not providing you with the names of who submitted photos.  Two Hints: 1. They all came from bloggers on my blogroll and TY&B. 2:  There are only 9 bloggers represented.

Good Luck!

Okay, okay....I'll give you some names:
Dave - Linlah - YnB - Duncan - George - Lisleman - DF - Tootsie - Lynn 

#1 Delicate Flower

#2 YnB

#3(the cutie on the right) Linlah

#4 (the cutie on the left)Lisleman

#5 Lynn

#6 YnB

#7 George

#8 hmmm....

#9 Dave

#10 Duncan

#11 Duncan

**For those who submitted photos, just sign in under an alias name when you submit your guesses.  Then send me an email to let me know who you are.  Thanks.


bearman said...

1. Lynn
2. Lynn
3. Lynn
4. Lynn (but the one on the far right..hehe)

yorksnbeans said...

and the rest??

delicate flower said...

Gee, you took out the names from an earlier post..

yorksnbeans said...

You're right DF. Since there weren't that many who submitted photos, I thought I'd make it a bit more challenging this way. You could probably guess most of the ones who made submissions.

Duncanr said...

I see Wee Nobbly's entered two pics in the competition - No 1 and No 8 :-)

George said...

Hmm...I can't figure out which one is Bearman. :)

Anonymous said...

Here goes a lot of friendships in one blast.

1 The Loon
2 Julie of madhatters
3 delicate flower
4 alan truitt of sickdays
5 the good mrs YnB
6 Duncan of madhatters
7 anychildeverborninthelast50years, FFS!
8 toot toot tootsie
9 I know that one,looks just like I use to
10 nobblysan of madhatters
11 donald mills of crabbyoldfart

alantru said...

1.bschooled (even though that picture doesn’t look like a sculpture) no, wait, it’s Lynn
2.Gotta be YNB
3.Not me. Although we both had the same dress… Delicate Flower
4.NobblySan – Not a doubt in my mind. And if it isn’t, it should be.
5.Don’t know. But that Golden Retriever at foot level looks like my old dog, Hamlet. As for the cute kid, I’ll guess Lynn again.
6.Either me or duncanr. And it’s not me.
7.Bearman (on the right) his first drawing (on the left)
8.I have no idea… None. This one stumped me.
9.FJ (Self Portrait Photograph)
10.FJ (Once he got off the drugs) No, wait… Dave Hambidge
11.Not Don Mills. But the location is somewhere in Great Britain. Let’s try NobblySan again for the block

bearman said...

Actually I think 7 is George Ford.

lynn said...

well so far i just know that #6 is bearman. i don't know, i took one look at that cute kid and knew it was him. the rest i'll have to think on. i'll be back.

Lynn said...

okay #3 is definitely YnBs and #1 is most assuredly delicate flower...

Big Pissy said...

What a crop of cuties!!!!

I have no idea who any of them are, but they're ALL cute!!! :)

yorksnbeans said...

I wish I could guess like you guys! ;-)

nonnie9999 said...

the only one i would venture a guess on is #2. i think that's ynb in all her bathing-suited loveliness. oh, and i think #8 is julia roberts.

lynn said...

it's too hard when you don't give us our options. your blogroll is too long! so how 'bout you "spill the beans"? can i get some back-up here people?

yorksnbeans said...

Lynn...I'm a pretty fair person (not so sure about Tootsie, though). If enough of you guys say you need some more info. I'll oblige. :-)

not a brit blogger said...

This is fun but now I'm wondering if I sent you more than one picture. #6 looks like it could be me.
well #8 is tootsie.
#5 might be Joanna from the fifty factor
#1 is just Miss Serious.

linlah said...

Oh yeas help would be helpful.

delicate flower said...

Who's Miss Serious? she's not on the blog list. I can't figure these out.. and smart YnB took off the earlier list that showed who had originally committed to sending pictures! gee, thanks...
I recall a few, but.....

dave hambidge said...

How about 2 comps. The current until the weekend, oh that's today in britland, piccys without clues, then a list of names to assist the second round?

nursemyra said...

I think #2 is definitely you

yorksnbeans said...

Okay...I spilled some of the beans for you. Re-read the post.

Anonymous said...

Ah, back to the ouija board...

Anonymous said...

1. lisleman
2. yorks,
3. linlah
4. dave
5. lynn
6. yorks
8. tootsie
9. george
10. duncan
11. delicate flower

Anonymous said...

1. Lynn
2. YnB
4. I only know the one on the right- it's definitely Alan
5. Lynn?
7. Totally Alan
8.Alan again
9. George
10. Duncan
11. Lisleman

yorksnbeans said...

B...I'll let you in on a little secret (well, it's not really a secret since it's written in this post)....Alan and TL are not represented. ;-)
You may try again, you have my permission. :-)

alantru said...

You mean I'm not numbers 4, 7 and 8? Damn, I was sure that was me. And me. And me. Hmm, it would appear that I have an identity crisis that needs sorting out.

yorksnbeans said...

AT...I'll give you number 8, if you insist! ;-)

Not Alantru said...

1. DF
2. YnB
3. Linah
4. Lisleman
5. Lynn
6. YnB
7. George
8. Tootsie
9. Dave
10. Duncan
11. Dave

lisleman said...

wow you do want to make this tough - 11 pictures and 9 names. Are there repeats of maybe different ages of the same person?
Are we allowed to run the pictures through INTERPOL for a match?

yankee dog said...

1 - YnB
2 - Linah
3 - YnB
4 - George
5 - Lynn
6 - DF
7 - George
8 - Tootsie
9 - Dave
10 - Duncan
11 - Lisleman

Anonymous said...

After throwing the runes and smelling the entrails of a sacrificed chicken, my complete guesses are.

1 DF
2 Mrs YnB
3 Linlah
4 Mr YnB
5 Lynn
6 george
7 lisleman
9 dave
10 duncan
11 anybody who isn't named above!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll try once more...

1. Lynn
2. YnB
4. Bearman
5. YnB
7. Totally Alan
9. Dave
10. Duncan
11. Lisleman

I'd say Don Mills, but I don't think they had cameras back then...

ps. Between you and me, I have a feeling that "Not Alantru" is lying about who he really is...

Anonymous said...

*For number 7 I meant FJ, not "totally Alan"...

I already know it's "totally not..."

Julie said...

Right, here goes my wild guess (as my cutie pic is not above, I don't have to disguise myself this time)

1. Lynn
2. YnB
3. Linlah
4. Nobbles (I know his name's not there, but he's still as short as the dude in the pic)
5. DF
6. George
7. Lisleman
8. Tootsie
9. Duncs
10 & 11. Dave

hot tamale said...

1.Delicate Flower
2.Yorks N Beans
3. Delicate Flower
4. Dave
5. Lynn
8. Tootsie
9 Dave
10. Duncan

lynn said...

so...who won? this was a fun game.

yorksnbeans said...

Lynn....I just made a post.

lynn said...

i think me and delicateflower could pass as sisters....

yorksnbeans said...

Lynn....apparently several people feel that way, me included!

Anonymous said...

So close and yet so far...