Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Journal

Weekend Journal Entry #2:  Clemson University Botanical Gardens
For a second weekend in a row, us Southerners were blessed with a weekend of absolutely glorious weather.  (Even warmer this weekend - upper 70's!)   Mr. YnB and I decided to check out the Clemson University Botanical Gardens.  Even though not much is in bloom right now, it was still a lovely walk (we were unable to see everything even though we spent two hours there.  And, this weekend, no threat of bear....just squirrels, various birds, bumble bees, ladybugs and geese were spied.)

A glimpse of our afternoon.....

Close-up of a Chinese Toon Tree

Chinese Toon tree reaching into the sky
 Not sure what this unusual pink perennial plant is.  Anyone know?
 Not sure what this is either, except that it caught my eye from several yards away. (Approx. 8-10 in.)

A lone hydrangea bloom basking in the sunlight

Virginia Creeper making a colorful statement

Just interesting

A small waterfall located in a shade garden.

Pennies from heaven?

If this column sparks inspiration, feel free to grab the "Weekend Journal" graphic to start writing your own weekend journal entries on your blog. Who knows who may be interested in some of your wild weekend adventures (I would, I would!), but it would also be a great memoir for  yourself!


lisleman said...

it's still a lot greener there (SC) than here (IL).
nice pics

Matty said...

Your pictures take me there. My wife would have loved your trip. All those flowers, trees and foliage are right up her alley. Wish we were having your weather too.

nonnie9999 said...

i don't know what that big green thing is, but i hope it's not the result of the jolly green giant having some kind of horrible accident.

nursemyra said...

That hydrangea is so pink. Is the green thing some kind of squash/pumpkin thingy?

yorksnbeans said...

At first I thought it was a giant odd-shaped zucchini, but I think Nonnie's explanation might fit better!

NM...and I didn't even touch it up. That was the actual color.

dave hambidge said...

Smashing walkies, but still no Tootsie. Why not? Excuses in writng only!

I'm fairly sure the big green fruit is what we in britlnd would call a cucumber, that has been allowed to develop too much, thus the swollen end. Normally cut and eaten when regular tubular shape

yorksnbeans said...

Dave...she was home with the sniffles. I'll make sure she comes along next time! You're probably right about cuke. Never crossed my mind since it was so odd looking.

Big Pissy said...

Ohhhh! Lovely pictures! :)

I didn't know Clemson had a botanical garden. Thanks for sharing! :)

blunt delivery said...

ugh, beautiful!!!!

i LOVE hydrangeas. they are my favorite. except they last like one hour once picked.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics, Yang!

I love the Virginia creeper...

lynn said...

fantastic images YnBs...graet job. looks as though you had a wonderful time. the first image is spectacular!