Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Route #2

There are two different routes we take to our lake getaway.  Route #1 is interstate driving which, on the average, is approximately 20 minutes quicker than route #2 unless there is a major tie-up or we dare attempt the trip anytime near rush hour, in which case it would probably take 1-2 hours longer than route #2.

Route #2 we call "The Scenic Route".  This route takes us through rural Georgia and South Carolina.  We pass rolling hills, glimpses of the Blue Ridge Mountains,  pastures, a major lake, a wonderful farmer's market where we occasionally stop and have ourselves a treat of homemade peach ice cream or warm fried pies with fillings such as cherry, blueberry, peach or sweet potato (my favorite).  They have an abundance of produce, but they also sell crafts and custom furniture.  It's a huge place that attracts many passer's by.

I probably should take more photos, but on this last trip (since we were stopping for sign photos) I had the opportunity to take a pic of a quaint little church that catches my attention every time we pass it.  It sits on a small hillside along a two lane road, and when it pops into view it always makes me think of the show "Little House on the Prairie".  It is so picturesque and quite out of context considering its immediate area. This particular day the sky could not have been bluer which showcased the little church at it's finest. 

Click the pic to take a closer look

Do you prefer interstate driving or scenic routes?


Anonymous said...

Sweet potato is my fav too...yum.

blunt delivery said...

scenic all the way.

thats partly cus i get claustrophobic and paranoid when driving next to semis or anything larger than my saturn, which is about everything.

Lynn said...

that is one beutiful church! i love it!

delicate flower said...

I prefer the scenic route, it's much more fun though not necessarily relaxing driving if you're a speed demon, like me!
We took a long meandering trip on Monday, no particular destination but just an enjoyable day.. unfortunately there was rain.

BTW, can't wait to hear what Tootsie has to say, maybe she can come meet my new alter ego too, once she arrives?

JennyMac said...

I actually like both...depending on the situation. :) Love that pretty church!

Matty said...

Sounds like I'd always be taking the "scenic route". Nice photo.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it horrible that I prefer Interstate?

I love the picture Y&B! I didn't realize trolls had so many talents...:)

yorksnbeans said...

Loon...yep, they're YUMMY!

BD...I feel the same way. I cringe when I'm boxed in by semi's!

Lynn...glad you like it, too! The stained glass windows are beautiful.

DF...There's nothing like a leisurely ride in the country (unless you're stuck behind a slow-poke). Tootsie, no doubt, will have much to contribute on a variety of topics! ;-)

Jenny...Welcome! This is very ironic. I visited your blog for the first time this week and was about to leave a comment but something interrupted my train of thought (I think it was a phone call) and I never left one. We must be on the same wavelength! I'll visit again and say hi to an Atlanta neighbor!

yorksnbeans said...

Matty...highway driving can get so boring!

bschooled...that does somewhat surprise me since I thought I had you all figured out to be this person who would fly by the seat of your pants and take the long roads just for the hell of it. Oh well, that's what I get for jumping to conclusions!

I guess I had you stumped as well since you didn't realize us trolls had so many hidden talents and levels of uniqueness. ;-)

nonnie9999 said...

i'll take the scenic route with a side order of sweet potato pie anyday.

yorksnbeans said...

Make that 2 sweet potato pies! ;-)

dave hambidge said...

We much prefer so called rural roads, but use the motorway to get past our bigger cities as urban roads are the worst.

So yesterday, which was a smashing day here in central Britland, we meandered around;

Enjoy the piccys!

Anonymous said...

fried pies? I've never heard of a fried pie but I want one

yorksnbeans said...

Dave...In England it doesn't really matter which type of road you take, both are picturesque. It's just more fun on the small roads!

NM....they're yummy!

dave hambidge said...


A couple of the tiny roads we found yesterday were barely as wide as the car. Indeed, great fun!

Lynn said...

definitely the scenic route for me!

Anonymous said...

Scenic unless I'm in a rush.

Love the photo!

yorksnbeans said...

Hello IFU...Welcome and thank you! I'll stop by your place and say hi!