Thursday, September 10, 2009


One of my very favorite sitcoms is Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO.  Unfortunately, there are not enough episodes and seasons are few and far between, but come September 20th a new season will finally begin.

Larry David wrote most episodes of Seinfeld, so if you enjoyed that show, Curb is even more hilarious.  Here is a sample:


George said...

I love Larry David's dry, sarcastic humor. He may not be everyone's favorite, but he's okay in my book.

If I had a book.

Matty said...

Ok, I'm done laughing now. This was great. I've never seen or heard of this show. I have to look for it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

But you set up expectations when your comments section is titled "Priceless comments you must read" What about the not so good comments? I think they impact your credibility.

BTW...I wasn't ignoring you. Was traveling this week for work and of course my laptop has old explorer which doesn't let me comment.

yorksnbeans said...

George...he's more than okay in my book! (Wherever I left it);-)

Matty...glad you got a laugh, there are many more where that came from with Larry D.!

Bear...I know you weren't ignoring me. You would never do that. As far as the priceless comments go, I do consider them more priceless than my posts in many cases. They're like the cherry on top! :-)

nonnie9999 said...

any show that has shelley berman on it is going to be hilarious. i loved him as the judge on boston legal. i've watched curb your enthusiasm more than a few times, and i was never disappointed. very, very funny show. that clip was jewish angst at its best.

Anonymous said...

Larry David doesn't get enough credit outside of the "industry"...he is very funny...and funny about the simply things. There is funny in everything that happens. No matter how simple the situation...there is something to laugh at there!

Anonymous said...

YnB - we so have to meet up one day. Not only do I love Mad Men as much as you, I adore Larry David too!

Now where do you stand on Deadwood, Flight of the Conchords, Firefly and Tru Blood?

yorksnbeans said...

Nons...did you ever see "The Survivor" episode? Absolutely classic!!

MTE..."Seinfeld" was based on the "nothing" concept and we all know how well that show did. Since "Curb" is on HBO it pushes the envelope even further with the same concept. Did you ever see the hair caught in his throat episode? I think that might be one of my favorites. I was ROFLMAO!! I couldn't catch my breath!

NM....well, I have never watched Deadwood or Firefly. Flight of the Concords I did watch a few times when it first came and I did enjoy it, but I didn't get hooked. Tru Blood I watched one time about a month ago, but I was told I really need to watch it from the beginning to really get into it. (Mr. YnB didn't like the episode we watched one bit. I thought it was intriguing.) I don't get hooked on TV shows too often (thank goodness), but when I do, I can't wait for the next episode. Yes, we do need to meet one day! I know we would hit it off! :-)

Anonymous said...

YnB, I love this show!

Larry David is my muse...

lisleman said...

great show - but I've only watched it on DVD so I'm a little late with the latest.

I love the one with the hooker and HOV lane.