Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So, You Don't Like the Way I'm Dressed?

You see those shorts and shoes over there on the left? Well, let me tell you about the service rep who came to my front door yesterday dressed pretty much the same way, but not quite as nicely. (Oh, did I just hear someone think to themselves "not as nicely?" You mean, you don't like the long baggy shorts and the big clunker shoes that are unlaced? Well, at least the shorts look pressed and he's wearing socks.)

You see the guy who came to my front door was dressed like this: Baseball cap on backwards, a long sleeved, stretched out, gray t-shirt that looked like it had been crumpled up on the floor all night before being put on that morning with the name COMCAST printed across the front, long shorts that came down to the middle of his shins with big-ass black, high-top sneakers with no laces and no socks.

When I turned the corner into my front foyer and saw this guy standing on the other side of the glass door, my heart kind of did an instant jump into my throat because he looked like a thug. It wasn't until I got a bit closer that I could read COMCAST on his shirt. But, even with that, I didn't feel comfortable opening the door. Thank goodness Mr. YnB was home, because if he wasn't, I don't believe I would have let him in. Now, don't get me wrong.... I was not profiling....this guy was dressed so inappropriately for a representative of a company, it was astonishing. Not only that, little Simon (our Yorkie) was also going through his Yorkie Terrorist routine when someone comes to the door that I had to pick him up and lock him in a room in order to open the door. When I came back to the foyer, the guy was fiddling with the door knob like he was trying to let himself in!

We really do despise Comcast as of late, but unfortunately, they are the grand cable lord of our village and satellite is not a feasible option for us. I've thought about calling Comcast to give them a piece of my mind, but the thought of going through the never-ending chain of people to get to someone who MIGHT show concern for my opinion about their slovenly representative, just turns me off.

Have you ever felt like voicing a complaint to a company, but said to yourself "to heck with it" because you know the effort would be in vain and more frustrating than it's worth?


delicate flower said...

And, I would have done exactly as you did. That kind of clothing is not acceptable if you're in the customer service end of ANY business!
And, this makes me sound more like Crabby Old Fart than Delicate Flower but .. what is wrong w/ people now days? Have they lost their general sense of respect for themselves and others? What about business dress? Geez....

My son was about 21 or 22 when he said one day that he felt discriminated against because he was young. He said people stared at him and it made him uncomfortable. He's 6'4", well-built with a shaved head and piercing blue eyes and drop-dead gorgeous. So, he gets stared at alot.
But my response to him was that if he dressed in ratty, dirty clothes and looked as if he didn't care about his general appearance then he would be treated accordingly! Suggesting that a nicer look would open more doors was a motherly thing to do, and he knows better.
My staff need to be reminded occasionally that they are 'professionals' and need to dress as such. No ratty jeans and tennis shoes if we're not in clean the office mode.
Call me crotchity old flower!

yorksnbeans said...

DF...I think this is representative of Comcast and how they operate. They don't give a rat's ass. Period. If they had an inkling of respect for themselves or their customers, they would have told this kid to go home before letting him drive off for the day in one of their trucks.

dave hambidge said...

DF does COF with style!

I have too many examples of crap service to start off with...

But if you don't get 30 comments, I'll let rip.

Be warned all readers


Joanna Jenkins said...

I feel your pain. When I voice a complaint it's usually because the inappropriately dressed service rep does NOT show up for the scheduled appointment! Grrrrrr

yorksnbeans said...

Dave...oh go ahead, give it to us!!'re right, the normal complaints are the no-shows.

George said...

I never do any good complaining to a company like I should because I guess I'm afraid that my griping will have no effect whatsoever.

I should realize that if enough people voice their opinions, the company will have little choice other than to look into it.

They don't want to lose revenue, and a bad rep will alienate them from potential customers.

yorksnbeans said...

George, the thing with cable companies is that they have a monopoly on an area. Their only competition is satellite. Therefore, they can get by with less service. It should not be that way. The industry should be deregulated to allow competition.

Dusty said...

Chica..LET IT OUT!! Call the bastardos and tell them what that jackass dressed like!

He represents them..and as such should be dressed a tad more appropriately.

At our humble abode, we never miss a chance to bitch and moan at a corporation. In fact, we subscribe to the ole line:

The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

So, call em..I personally would of taken his picture and drove DOWN to comcast with it. But that's just moi. ;)

Dusty said...

And I would of opened the door but only with a baseball bat in my hand and demanded his Comcast ID first.

yorksnbeans said... crack me up!! Actually, I was thinking about getting the camera out, but I didn't think it would go over too well.

tannerleah said...

What's the problem here? My man was pimpin'! You know, looking fly for the ladies. That's how us funkalicious playa's role. So lose the 'tude, ok?

Seriously, I bet he had some lovely bling on him, didn't he?

yorksnbeans said...

Strangely enough, no bling. Comcast must frown upon that.

Dusty said...

OMG no bling?

My Ball n' Chain has recently tried to buy a police scanner online through Sears.

Before he met me, he was a nice quiet, animal-loving rethuglican.

He is now a bitchy, loud, animal-loving moderate-to-left leaning man.

He was bitching and moaning that his 'order' had not been shipped yet and he ordered it a week ago. He got a tad nasty and sarcastic to say the least.

The Cust. service chick just canceled his order on him after he hung up on her.

The Nerve! ;p

NobblySan said...

Sorry YnB, I didn't quite catch the name of the company that this toerag worked for...

COMCAST, was it?

I just wanted to make sure...

yorksnbeans said...

Dusty...He obviously has learned from the champ! :-)

NS...I wanted to be sure everyone caught the name! ;-)

Sweats Model said...

Ohhhh! You hit on one of my sore spots.

I absolutely DESPISE Comcast! I won't monopolize your blog with my rant. Suffice it to say, as soon as Verizon DSL is available here, it's so long Comcast.

yorksnbeans said... you have satellite TV?

nonnie9999 said...

i hate, hate, hate, hate, hate comcast!!! they have shitty service and shittier customer service. months ago, i was finally going to be done with them. i ordered at&t's u-verse. the salesmen were here for over 2 hours. i got at least a half dozen calls reminding me of the appointment. then i get an automated call saying i need to speak to someone about my appointment. i pushed the required button and was told that u-verse was not yet available in my area. wtf? i asked why they sent not one but 2 salesmen if it wasn't available. after speaking to 3 different morons, it was determined that someone entered the wrong city, and the service was available where i live. i couldn't wait for the day when i could tell comcast to kiss my ass for charging me more and more and giving me less and less channels and crappy service on the ones i still got. the big day got here, and at&t doesn't show up! i waited and waited and finally called them. i was told that nobody could come out until tuesday (this was on a saturday). i asked why and was not given any good explanation at all and not a word of apology. i told them to take their service and shove it up their asses. that was a few months ago, and comcast has gotten even worse than it was, so i will probably have to order u-verse. this time, though, i will remind them constantly what assholes they are, so they will either show up or have to listen to my bitching for hours at a time.

yorksnbeans said...

Okay, the bitchfest has finally begun. Thank you Nonnie!! You got me going. Do you REALLY think it matters which TV service you receive? It already sounds like AT&T could give a rat's ass about your subscription. And, do you think the reception will be much better? Now, if you save some money, it might be worth it. To hell with that, they'll suck you in for a low starting price and jack it up 6-12 months later as their service deteriorates (if that is even possible).

Mr. YNB and I are so miffed with Comcast. All of the sudden every TV needs a friggin box on it to receive more than 10 channels and we HAVE TO RENT THE F@#*kers for $2.00 per month per box! WTF is this, the eighties?? It doesn't give us any more channels than before, but NOW we need boxes and we have to extra for them!!

I need some wine......

yorksnbeans said...

That is we have to "pay" extra for them! Now, off for some wine....

Anonymous said...

Most of the comments were more towards Comcast, the hated one! Tell me one cable, internet, phone company which is not worthy of anger? All of them suck.

Now, about this guy's outfit. I dunno, I thought that dressing as you feel yourself comfortable was so america's mainstream. I see it's not. When I lived there I saw people going to the mall with their PJs and I thought: crazy Americans! I looked at this great number of people on their sweat shirts and sweat pants cruising through the mall and wondered if they were trying to get an invitation for that "What Not To Wear Show". But, no, that was their style and I learned how to see it that way.

I also loved to see the US Post Office mailmen, the UPS and FEDEX people wearing shorts during summer. They didn't dress like that here in a tropical country until a little time ago.

Now, about the Comcast dude: if I ever come to live in the US again (doubt it) and I see a figure just like this one y'all so disliked I'll remember this is not "american freedom". :-)


yorksnbeans said...

Ivan...when it comes to business, there is usually a dress code for most companies (at least there used to be).

Ivan said...

I see

Lynn said...

calling someone won't work, there is no one actually there! everything these days is run by bots...not real people silly. as to the dress of the comcast rep...figures... you live in america, no-one in this country really gives a rats a$$ because they don't actually know who they are working for..i blame the evil corporations....but i'm in a "mood" today. everything's ticking me off for some reason today.

yorksnbeans said... go, girl!! We're all allowed a day here and there! ;-)

Dusty said...

YnB, I think you are doesn't matter WHO provides your tv service.

We left BrightHouse for DirecTv. We are saving $50 bucks a month for the first year of the two year contract. I wanted to change as I am a major sports nut and DirecTv offers more channels in HD plus the NFL Network, which BH didn't have.

But then..sigh..the Ball N' Chain missed the LA channels, so we resigned with BH so his dumb ass could watch LA news and his Dodgers. We are only getting the basic from them for 10 bucks a month.

DirecTv charges you to fart, I swear to Buddha. Everything that was free with BH has a charge associated with it on DirecTv. Bastards make their money that way I guess.

Customer service pretty much sucks for most corporations I deal with. They start out nice on a call, but once you bitch about something and hold your ground, their eyes glaze over and they could care less if you are a satisfied customer or not.

At least with DirecTv, my rates won't be raised for a year and I do have better choice for the channels we watch.

Anonymous said...

Really Dusty? The NFL Network. I don't know anyone who watches that. It is like the big todo where I live about the Big Ten network. Like NFL, it is only good for about 5 football games all year. Other than that, it is worthless.

Sweats Model said...

actually, I was so involved with my rant that I goofed. I have Verizon DSL for internet, but Comcast for tv. Verizon FIOS is coming soon, then I'll switch.

Dusty said...

Hi Bearmancartoon!

I get the Big 10 network too! I like the NFL network because it keeps me up to date on how all the playa's are doing. I am in quite a few football fantasy leagues and draft time is around the corner. Yeah, the games are the big reason for me too as the NFL network does show about half a dozen of them during the regular season.

Plus I get the MLB network, the NBA network and the NHL network. :)

nonnie9999 said...

i have 2 tv's, one in my room and one in my son's. my son has the digital box in his room, so he gets all the channels (including hbo), while all i get are the basic cable channels. in order for me to get all the channels, it would cost me an extra 7 bucks a month for another box. as it is, the reception craps out at least once a night for hours at a time. in addition, they keep taking away basic cable channels in order to force you into adding another box. they've raised their rates every year while taking away several channels, including the latest--the tv guide channel! now, you can't even see the listings to see what's on! at&t would include tv, internets, and phone, and would be a bit cheaper. the big thing is that i would have all the channels in my room, too.

yorksnbeans said... Mom has VIOS in Florida and it's great. I wish that was an option for us, but no such luck. there a company out there anymore that satisfies its customers?? If you know of any, let me know!

Nonnie...I know - more money, less service!

dave hambidge said...

I thought my offer was safe!

perhaps this subject, crap customer service needs it's own blog site. Is there one already?

Julie said...

Right, my turn .....

I never watch TV so it's pointless subscribing to the one and only satellite TV provider here (and paying a fortune every month for something I'm simply not going to use!)

Regarding dress code - I wear little in summertime, because it's just so damn hot, however, I am still dressed respectably and neatly! I don't look like some scumbags that come to our offices - they look like they've crawled out the nearest rat-infested sewer! One of our drivers tried his luck at dressing just like your representative last year, so I phoned the owner of our company as I knew this driver was going to our Head Office that day. He has never dressed like that since! It's disgusting - they represent the companies they work for, and I just feel that if a boss has no interest in making his employees look respectable for customers, then he doesn't have much interest in the satisfaction of customers!

Speaking of complaining about "lack of service and delivery" - I'm a real bitch when it comes to that!

I opened a tin of corned beef once, and it had a HUGE black thorn right in the middle of it. I packaged the entire lot up and mailed it to the manufacturer (the SA Postal Service is slower than snail-mail), with a letter of complaint ... the satisfaction of picturing the smelly green muck and their faces when they finally got the parcel was enough!

If something is not right ... I complain ... if they don't listen - I write to the newspapers!

yorksnbeans said... called this one right on the money! How'd you know?? ;-) mischievous little devil! You go girl!

delicate flower said...

Dave, what is COF? I was going to apologize for such a long comment.. then i kept reading! :lol:

yorksnbeans said...

DF....Crabby Old Fart!

Matty said...

WOW, I must be the odd man out here. I have Comcast and haven't had any problems with their customer service.

Problems with their service?

But, with a phone call it's always fixed promptly.