Thursday, May 14, 2009

Evolution of Beauty

Since there has been so much chatter about beauty and pageants lately, I thought this video was appropriate to post.


Anonymous said...

I gotta admit, this was a really good commercial. I only wish our society weren't so conflicted about how we're supposed to feel about ourselves.

For example, ireport did this thing about how looks matter, and this young pretty girl did a video where she was very honest about people's reactions to her looks. She got SKEWERED.

So we tell girls they should like themselves the way they are, but then when they dare tell anyone else they think they are pretty they get shot down. This (not the video) is a very confusing message we give girls, and not a very honest one either.

Anonymous said...

Everything is taught to us from childhood. If we are taught to hate a certain race, we grow up hating that race.

If we are taught to feel good about ourselves it is important to also be taught humility and to be humble.

It is not ok to feel good about yourself at the expense of making others feel bad about themselves.

In truth, being judgemental is also taught. Be careful what you say and do around your children...they watch you.

nonnie9999 said...

when you watch the modeling shows on tv, it's amazing how unpretty so many of the models are. however, once they trowel on 10 tons of makeup, they look completely different. there are very few who can naturally measure up to the what the artificial standard of beauty is today. the irony is that those who do look exactly that--artificial.

yorksnbeans said...

Thank you all for your comments. I do feel that we all are subjected to distorted ideas of beauty. I just saw a report on how more and more mothers are now having surgery to help make them look like their daughters and are dressing like them. How twisted is that?

Geonite said...

Thanks. That shows what we all know. None of it is real and anyone can be a beauty queen with enough "enhancements".

yorksnbeans said...

Yeah...why spend top dollar on print models anymore, just use the average person off the street and photoshop.