Monday, May 04, 2009

Sweden and Islam

Sweden's third largest city, Malmo, has an increasing Muslim population which now stands at 25% of the total population . This video sheds light on some current tensions that are erupting in this city which some say will continue to expand into the rest of Sweden over the next few decades and alter the religious majority of the country.


highplainsgirl said...

I don't want to be prejudice, but honestly I have to say I DO have a certain prejudice against Muslims. That's the truth. I see them as intolerant and violent. I'm sure most are not, but it's probably also true that there wouldn't be so much violence and hate in their numbers if they actually stood up to it.

yorksnbeans said...

The thing that really bothers me is that none of the supposed non-radical sects speak out and denounce the extremists. If any other religion had an extremist group, I couldn't imagine the rest of that religious population wouldn't be up in arms over it.

margot707 said...

Whoa - I suppose if Sweden tried to close its borders, there would be an outcry. That kind of violence is uncalled for. I just don't understand such hatred and why the Government tolerates that kind of behavior.

nonnie9999 said...

this is chilling. what's just as frightening as the large numbers of muslims who commit violence in malmo is the fact that the cops allow them to get away with it. is it really religion that's fueling this or is it just thug mentality? i think they use religion as an excuse and a tool, but i don't think that being a muslim makes you a thug or a terrorist. i believe that most muslims want to live in peace and raise their kids just like everyone else. after all, i would imagine that most of the cops and the politicians are christian, and they are allowing the thugs to get away with violence. they aren't protecting the jews when they protest peacefully. should we label all christians as appeasers?

yorksnbeans said...

nonnie....does it really matter what is fueling it? The growing unrest within the religion is not a good sign. If the good, peace-loving Muslims don't get involved and just turn a blind eye, they are no better than the thugs, IMO.