Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hooked on Blogging

Never in a million years would I have ever thought I'd find myself hooked on blogging! I think I can attribute my attraction to it for the five following reasons:

1. iReports. I was introduced to blogging through iReports last September. It was an outlet for my thoughts on the presidential election as well as finding out how others were feeling about the candidates. I expected my involvement in blogging would end in November in conjunction with the election.

2. Unexpected cyber-friendships. When November came around, I found that I could not break the habit of reporting in every day just because the election was over. Cyber-friendships were born that were unexpected. Even though we had never personally met, I felt I knew them better than some friends in real life. Subjects had been discussed that I never approach with "real" friends. How odd I found that to be. Why is that? My real-life friendships tend to revolve around personal matters rather than global news, politics, religion, etc. Those issues are for some reason tabooed. Maybe that's why I was never really very interested in topics such as those, which leads me to my next reason.

3. Expands my knowledge base. Since I began blogging I am beginning to learn more about issues and find myself researching things all the time.

4. Improves my writing skills. This one needs more work!

5. Outlet for insight and creativity. I find blogging causes more introspection which also exercises creativity.

So, thank you friends, for continuing to visit me via this website and giving me reason for further blogging!


yorkrose55 said...

Y spot, yorksnbeans, Giddyupgal, or just my lovely sexy wife BEAN,

Yes the whole country witnessed a special time last November and yes cyber friends a plenty were made, but I'm still your #1 fan and your writing skills look fine to me, I love you. Keep up the good work.

yorksnbeans said...

thank you, my love!!

m2elena said...

Blogs are fun. I should write more... but I like to comment.
I do feel like we have a network of friends!

yorksnbeans said...

Hey m2! Yesterday, I commented on your last post on your blog, but it's still in moderation.

m2elena said...

I just now saw it... I'm sorry! I haven't been paying much attention to my WP, I need to revamp my system, b/c I had to use a different email addy when I created it. So I forget to check! Thanks for stopping by though! :D

Indy609 said...

You nailed this one, Yorks... that hubby of yours is such a sweetie. Keep him around.