Thursday, December 17, 2009


Even though I'm not Christian, it doesn't mean I can't appreciate a beautiful Christmas Carol such as this.  I heard it tonight in the car, and I got goosebumps. As Dave H. says....kick your feet up, close your eyes and turn the volume up! 


lisleman said...

very powerful performance - who is he?

The Noel part at the end had me looking up the word. I've heard the word all my life but never bother to look it up. It only shows up around Christmas. It comes from the French word meaning Christmas. I wonder how many people know that while they are singing it.

So is something other than Merry Christmas a better greeting for you?

lisleman said...

I had to come back. This wonderful performance took me on a little internet trip of listening to other versions. I found the extreme opposite of this beautiful voice. This one sounds like he may have sung it while getting his wisdom teeth extracted.
It is hard to stay with it but try to make it pass the 2 min mark it's worth the agony.

dave hambidge said...

YnB. I have not heard a fully orchestrated version of that before, MC really puts the punch into it!

Lisleman. Michael Crawford is a britland institution who hit popular attention some 30 years ago playing a totally inept man in a sitcom.

He went on to star in Phantom of The Opera, a role that some regard as his finest.

I have tried psoting a couple of youtube links to him but they won't stick!

tannerleah said...

You are not a Christian? So you don't love America and are going to burn in hell? Must be quite a burden to carry.

Oh well, you are still my friend. I have no boundaries.

Bearman said...

Crawford in Phantom is the peak. No one else does it like him.

Have the CD.

yorksnbeans said...

Lisle...sorry, I couldn't endure that gem in its entirety! is a heavy burden but being a Chosen One it makes it a bit easier. ;-)

Us Yanks definitely relate MC to the Phantom. Mr. YnB couldn't believe the MC in the old sitcom was the same guy. He never realized it.

Here's a snippet from one episode.

It is difficult to believe it's the same guy! BTW...that show is pretty hilarious! I watched a few videos of it.

Matty said...

Simply a pretty song. He has quite a voice. I envy talent like that.

George said...

That was powerfully done!

Indy609 said...

Ah - O Holy Night. One of my favorite Christmas memories revolves around this song. See, my father is a rather stiff fellow, a very old-school, often stern kind of dad. Anyhow, one Christmas, he and his brother-in-law, my Uncle, got completely bombed and started singing O Holy Night at the top of their lungs, like the Two Shit-Faced Tenors. My brother and I acted quickly, connected a good microphone to his cassette deck, and got a crystal-clear recording of the event, which we tortured him with every single year thereforward. Ah, Christmas.

yorksnbeans said...

What a hoot, Indy!! :-)