Wednesday, December 09, 2009


What December Brings to our Home:

Christmas for Mr. YnB
Hanukkah for YnB
Mr. YnB's Birthday
YnB's Birthday & New Year's Eve Celebration
Car Tag Renewal bills for both of us
 Property Tax Bills for our Lake Getaway possessions
Gobs of Junk Mail
The UPS Guy
A dwindling amount of Holiday Cards
An increasing amount of Ecards
Delicious dinners
A yearly viewing of our favorite Christmas movie "The Polar Express"

What does December bring to your home?


Matty said...

Gift wrapping
Cold weather
Three birthdays
Mailing cards
Getting cards
Watching Christmas movies
Watching Christmas cartoons

P.S. Happy birthday to Mr YNB

dave hambidge said...

All my Xmas issues are being aired elswhere; call by for a break from BDBX.

Seriously though, best is cooking the big dinner with Hazel and enjoying the preparation, eating and putting washing up in dishwasher after!

linlah said...

My family :)

Candice said...

LOVE Polar Express! It's the only modern Christmas movie I dig.

Kristina P. said...

Lots and lots of snow. Boooo.

Bearman said...

Both have bdays, xmas and hanukkah all in one month. Either you make out or get screwed in the presents department

lisleman said...

the ice and snow makes me appreciate the warmth inside
decorative lights and some smiles on people's faces are good.
old memories brought back by songs
all the best wishes for you and yours

Indy609 said...

Twelve VISA statements
Eleven burned-out tree lights
Ten pounds of junk mail
Nine stops at Target
Eight rolls of gift-wrap
Seven nine-volt batteries
Six minor injuries
Four incessant phones
Three hours of sleep
Two exhausted kids
And a cat knocking over my tree!

nonnie9999 said...

i can't beat (or even match) indy's adorable comment, so i'll just make my little list:


my birthday

wrapping presents for the little kids that live near me and for another couple of kids

i already paid the property taxes for the renewal of the car tags

going to the ballet (nutcracker) on friday with my sister and her boyfriend's 5-year-old daughter (one of the couple of kids noted above)

figuring out this new damned converter box i had to get from comcast today

ditto what ynb said about the ups guy and too much junk mail

yorksnbeans said...

Matty - THREE Birthdays!! Wow!

Linlah - very nice! Enjoy!

Candice - Isn't it the greatest! Thanks for stopping in!

Kristina - please send some this way!

Bear - lately we've been getting screwed!

Lisle - same back at ya!

Indy - my old good to see you! Sounds like a top 40 hit to me!! :-)

Nons - Hi Five on the birthday, girlfriend!! :-)

Geonite said...

The end of the semester!!!!

Geonite said...

Indy, I'm sure all parents want to know how you managed to exhaust your kids.

So they can do it themselves.

nursemyra said...

Hot weather and seafood lunches
My eldest son's birthday
His father's birthday
My brother's birthday
My ex-husband's birthday
My parent's wedding anniversary
Gifts from my patients that inevitably include crotched coathangers, embroidered handkerchiefs, lavender sachets
Lots of young gay men who don't see their own families turning up to our "orphans" xmas party
Memories of my last xmas with Stephen

beth said...

your list is great !

can you believe the junk mail ? advertisements ? that fill our mailboxes this time of year ?

this year december is bringing our 25th wedding there's a miracle that doesn't happen very often anymore ?

yorksnbeans said...

Beth - Happy 25th and Welcome!!

George said...

We put up our tree and the kids wrote out their wish lists. My wife and I are going on a romantic cruise to Mexico this weekend to celebrate our first married year together. I'm a very happy and lucky guy! :)

yorksnbeans said...

All these anniversaries! Happy 1st, George!