Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tootsie Tuesday

Tootsie, along with her co-workers, have received a blog award!  Matty @ MattyThoughts apparently enjoys the nonsense that goes on here at the offices of TY&B enough to acknowledge us with the "I Give Good Blog" Award, and we thank him tremendously for that!  Who doesn't like receiving an award!  They certainly don't come banging on our door every day (never mind week, month, year or decade).

There was one criteria though that was attached to this award which was to recognize four blogs that we enjoy at TY&B.  Now, here is where the dilemma sets in.  Tootsie (along with the other two execs) enjoys every one of the blogs we read regularly and giving out only 4 awards will slight some very well deserved blogs, but we also don't want to disrespect the tradition attached to the award we received.  Due to this dilemma, we did a bit of detective work, only to find out when looking closely at the award through a magnifying glass, it originated from a blogger we are not familiar with.  Does this blogger know her award has reached far beyond her corner of the blogosphere?  (Matty probably didn't realize this crucial piece of information since it was our dilemma that caused us to take such a close look in the first place.)   So, the question is, would we at TY&B want an award we passed out to go to unknown blogs?  We decided the answer was no.


We also know how fabulous it feels to receive an award, so Tootsie came up with her own award to acknowledge the blogs that started things rolling for us here at TY&B. Those blogs that we thoroughly enjoyed when we began blogging which were springboards to other fabulous blogs that now grace our blogroll.  So, to continue the tradition of 4 recipients, may the following bloggers come forward to accept your "Tootsie's Rave" Award.  You may take your award home by copying and pasting it to your blog, if you so choose, but if you decide to admire this award in private, please be sure to put it somewhere safe, so as to keep any thieves from snatching it away from you.

for being the first blog that caught our attention with his unique topic selection added with that special twist of sarcasm and humor.
for her humorous take on political figures along with her spectacular Photoshop talents. 

for her delicate writing style about an indelicate topic that we all are most interested in.
for his hysterical writings, his adorable face, and fun-loving bunch of co-workers.
Where are you Alpo! 

BTW....this award has no attachments.  You need not do anything but enjoy it for what it's worth.


Matty said...

I little detective work and a bit of ingenuity, and presto, Tootsie takes off like a rocket into the far reaches of the blogosphere. Who knows how far she may go.

dave hambidge said...

Good selection Tootsie, shows style and breeding.

Anonymous said...

Good luck finding Alan Truitt these days. Maybe Ram the former convenience store owner will come out of solitary to accept the award on his behalf.

linlah said...

All great choices and I that award is awesome.

alantru said...

Why, I’m right here, for now. And all a quiver, I might add… I should probably close the window.

Tomorrow, I am back to the airport. It’s my new second home. I seem to be taking off my shoes a lot these days.

Many thanks for the fabulous award, Yorksnbeans. It’s an honour to be included with these other brilliant bloggers – all of whom were mentioned before me, I hasten to add. ;)

Anyway, about my award: I plan to make sure I polish it every night. And afterwards, we’ll cuddle.

Thanks again, YNB. Very kind of you and greatly appreciated.

PS: bearman… Screw you! …Aww, who am I kidding? I can’t stay mad at ya. I love you, man! I’ll call you tonight, bro.

yorksnbeans said...

Well, you might have been the last one listed (always save the best for last) but you were the first to accept! Hope your project is coming along nicely. Take care and hope to see you blogging again sometime soon.

alantru said...

As we Scots say, "Bless yer cotton socks."

Thanks again!

Bearman said...

Alan I only make fun out of love. The scary thing is you can go a month without posting and I happen to determine the day and there are already 100 comments. Well done and congrats.

Waiting by the phone. I have some ideas on your next sales presentation.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations YnB!

And I love the Tootsie's Rave award. You picked real good, Tootsie!

Ocean Girl said...

Congratulations. I like Matty @ Matty's uncomplicated.

I also like the design of your award and what it says. I rave you YnB.

yorksnbeans said...

Thanks B and OG...I might have to think of a way to use it in the future!

delicate flower said...

Aw Shucks.... an award for talking about my unmentionables! Thank you, I really am touched by the award.. It is good to hear that somewhere in the mish mash of what I've written that there are pieces of relevance!

nonnie9999 said...

oh, thank you, ynb and tootsie (and simon, too, i know he had something to do with it).

my computer was overtaken by demons on halloween, and it had to be nuked and completely reformatted, so i wasn't online for the last few days. what a nice welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Here I am having a really busy, crappy week and your award has made it all better. Thank you for sharing the love.

If Tootsie had better hair, I would totally hit that.

yorksnbeans said...

Glad it helped! Hope the rest of the week brings a few parties in your pants even if they're without Tootsie.

Don Mills said...

Hey Truit, Where's that damned money you owe me?

(Sorry yorksnbeans but he's been dodging me for weeks.)

yorksnbeans said...

Ooohh....a blog AND a show!! :-)