Thursday, October 01, 2009

Let The Games Begin!

Thanks to all who sent in your front doors!

Exactly who walks through these doors?

The object of this TY&B's "Fun With a Camera Contest" is to figure out
which of the following front doors belong to our fellow bloggers.
Let's see who can correctly guess them all!



You can click the pics to enlarge them.

No Hawkers!
Knock Knock - Who's There ?  Dave Hamridge

 Welcome Home and make sure to wipe your feet!
Knock Knock - Who's There ?  Big Pissy

Two Topiaries and a Car
Knock Knock - Who's There ?  Duncanr

Use the Knocker, the Bell doesn't work!
Knock Knock - Who's There ?  Joanna Jenkins

Sunshine On A Sunny Day
Knock Knock - Who's There ?  Yorksnbeans

Halidom House
Knock Knock - Who's There ?  Nurse Myra

Who's that knockin' at my door?
Knock Knock - Who's There ?  Linlah

Notre maison
Comme vous pouvez le voir, la saison des feuilles mortes seront bientôt ici.
Knock Knock - Who's There ?  NobblySan

Let me in!!
Knock Knock - Who's There ?  Julie

Here's the list of door owners:
Julie @ Mad Hatters
Joanna Jenkins @ The Fifty Factor
Duncanr @ Mad Hatters
Big Pissy @ Southern Circle of Hell: Part Deux
Linlah @ Corn-Bean

Submit your answers in one comment!

OOR OWNERS - be sure to submit your answers under a disguised name, then email me to let me know who you are!

  Deadline for answers is October 6th.


blunt delivery said...

i'm just saying. that blue door rocks.

um, sorry new mexico took time away from my front door picture taking. next time, next time.

yorksnbeans said... can still play! :-)

Did you have fun??

lisleman said...

never hurts to guess - right
1 nurse myra
2 dave hambidge
3 nobbly san
4 duncanr
5 joanna jenkins
6 linlah
7 big pissy
8 yorksnbeans
9 julie

BTW I wonder if the polling gadget could work for this? probably doesn't tell you who voted.

Dusty said...

You are so crazy and I heart you for that YnB. ;)

yorksnbeans said...

Lisle...thank you for being the first to take the plunge! :-)

Dusty...why thank you! :-)

Anonymous said...

This is hard, Ying! I need to think...

ps. I'm with Dusty;)

nonnie9999 said...

1. nobbly sam
2. duncan
3. julie
4. dave
5. ynb
6. linlah
7. nurse myra
8. joanna
9. big pissy

p.s. every door is nicer than mine.

Julie said...

Licks pencil ...... I'll be back

Anonymous said...

Nobbly is number 1 only b/c you can see his nobbly head in the reflection.

Myra is number 4 b/c she would want you to use her "knockers". I am sure the bell works fine.

Anonymous said...

1 julie
2 joanna
3 nobblysan
4 dave
5 linlah
6 big pissy
7 YnB and tootsie
8 duncanr
9 nursemyra

NobblySan said...

Oi, bearman!

I've seen that ghostly, unsightly apparition on No1, and can give everyone a massive hint by stating that I am not bald!

It must be Julie's door.

Don "Kreskin" Mills said...

Thanks for the hint...

1. Yorksnbeans
2. Nurse Myra
3. NobblySan
4. Julie
5. Joanna
6. Dave
7. Big Pissy
8. Duncan
9. Linlan

I would like a hand knit sweater for my prize, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I would have posted my door if I friggin had one!

#1 Julie because she is the kind of SA who would be nasty to hawkers
#2 Linlah (how come I don't know you?)
#3 Joanna Jenkins because only over 50's have topairiy plants in their front yard and a pratical car.
#4 Yorksnbeans mighty big knocker you have!
#5 That is definitely Nobbly's because it's the only door knob low enough for him to reach
#6 Dave very manly (and clinical)!
#7 Hello, Nurse Myra would definately have a bird outside her door. Tried to trick us by taking it's corset off huh?
#8 That's smells of Mrs Duncan's door, I think I can even smell the coffee...wake the hell up Dunc!!!
#9 Big that to keep them out or you in?

guesser said...

1. dave
2. linlah
3. duncanr
4. joanna
5. yorks
6. big pissy
7. nursemyra
8. nobby
9. julie

Anonymous said...

1 Dave
2 Joanna
3 Big Pissy
4 Duncan
5 Yorks&Beans
6 Nurse
7 Julie
8 Linlah

yorksnbeans said... you think I'M bald??

Whoever Anonymous at 5:47 AM on Oct. 3 need to let me know!

Anonymous said...

#1 Dave Hambidge
#2 Nurse Myra
#3 NobblySan
#4 YnB
#5 Joanna Jenkins
#6 Duncanr
#7 Linlah
#8 Big Pissy
#9 Julie

Anonymous said...

Nobbly..I heard rumors that Julie was bald, I just assumed it was an area other than the top of her head.

secret said...

1 dave
2 big pissy
3 duncan
4 nursemyra
5 ynb
6 joana jenkins
7 julie
8 nobbly
9 linlah

Anonymous said...

Ouch Bearman, you're in trouble deep !

yorksnbeans said...

Wow, lots of answers! I won't be around much for the next couple of days. One of my brothers and sister-in-law are coming to visit until Tuesday. Keep the answers coming and make sure to let me know who the anonymous people are!!

Geonite said...


Next time you're in The Land of Enchantment stop by and say hi.

Anonymous said...

Hey Yorksnbeans ,is there a friggin DOOR prize with this?

SupaSecretGuesser said...

1. Dave
2. Big Pissy
3. Duncanr
4. Joanna
5. Yorks
6. Nurse Myra
7. Linlah
8. Nobblysan
9. Julie

delicate flower said...

Obviously I never got my picture up but go to my blog and you can see I've been busy relocating and trimming the shrubbery!
1. Dave
2. Pissy
3. Nobbly
4. Joanna
5. YorksnBeans
6. Nurse Myra
7. Linah
8. Duncan
9. Julie