Friday, September 25, 2009

Who Says 50 Somethings Can't Be HOT!

Madonna certainly hasn't lost it! 


lisleman said...

she is still hot but then how many 50+ women can get away with wearing an outfit like that? Also the special effects of the video help.

Don't get me wrong, I'd never be able to dance like that guy (I'd pass out and need oxygen)

thanks - have a party weekend

Matty said...

Yes, some of "us" still have it at our age.

yorksnbeans said... hubby apparently thinks I'm one of those few! ;-)

Matty...yes, some of still do, (at least, we think we do!)

dave hambidge said...

Seen any photos of her arms recently?

Go to;

but NOT on an empty stomach, or a full one I suppose...

Anonymous said...

I think she looked better when she had a little more meat on the bone.

yorksnbeans said...

It's interesting that only the guys have commented on this.

Dave...maybe that's why she's wearing sleeves in this video. Her legs look great though!

Bear...looking at those arms in Dave's article, I would tend to agree with you on that.

dave hambidge said...

Your lady readers are still cooking the meals for their men!!!!

yorksnbeans said...'re steppin' on thin ice there, Dave!

delicate flower said...

yes Dave, in sexy lingerie as mature, hot 50 year olds who cook because they WANT to cook, not because of some archaic notion ....
You know better!! :wink:

Big Pissy said...

I would have commented sooner, but I haven't been online! LOL

Yep, I consider myself one of "those" 50+ women who's still "got it" whatever "it" is. LOL I honestly think a lot of it is mostly attitude. Age is just a number. :)

As for Madonna..... we could ALL look that good (wrinkle free, etc) if we had her money, time, doctors, personal trainers, nutrionists, etc. It's her JOB to look the way she looks. I think she's taken it a little far. Her arms are scary looking to me these days. Over all though, I think she looks good. :)

nonnie9999 said...

most women over 50 are hot, but it comes in flashes.

Don Mills said...

Well said Nonnie. (You're too damned funny, by the way.)

Personally I don't care for younger women (or whatever the Hell that Madonna creature is).

Give me a seasoned lass of 70 any day. Smart, sexy and sensible without all the 50-year old drama.

NobblySan said...

I notice that no-one has commented on my dancing in that video!

She's not much of a kisser though... I asked for that bit to be cut in the final edit.

yorksnbeans said...

Sorry Nobs, I didn't recognize you behind those shades.

Apparently some other dude felt otherwise about the kissing, or else he's just a man whore and got paid extra for it. I'm glad to know you stick to your morals.

lisleman said...

came back to read how this is being reviewed.

Well actually, if you happened to listen to "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" you would have learned that men use social networking sites (Facebook) to look at pictures of women. (check out )
The study was done by the Harvard Business School.

(From the show) Looking at women is the main reason men "open their eyes.'

Ok now I need to figure out how to get "friended" by Madonna.

yorksnbeans said...

Lisle...why does that not surprise me?? ;-)