Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tootsie Troll Tuesday

Tootsie Goes Dancing

Within the troll social circle, dancing is not one of the more encouraged past-times, although Tootsie has taken a fancy to it.  She knows there are hazards when entering dance clubs, but the sounds and sights just thrill her.  The loud base rhythm makes her shake her booty down. 

Last week she decided to check out the new downtown club "Masquerade".  All decked out in her cape and mask she thought she'd fit right in.  Unfortunately, when she was standing in line out front she was accidentally kicked over a couple of times.  But, that didn't discourage her from waiting her turn to enter.  After approximately an hour, she paid the cover, then slithered along the baseboards so as not to get stepped on.  The shoes were amazing.  So many styles!  Of course, they all offered their own source of torture, if for any reason she got caught underneath one of them. Spikes, which are her absolute faves, can certainly poke an eye out if not totally impale. (The pic is one of the favorites of the night)  And flats, are instantaneous death especially in a nightclub with the constant jumping. 

But, Tootsie is fearless.  She's had much practice in avoidance.  She's become a master at it.  She finally located a large speaker and somehow climbed on board and danced her little heart out, solo.  She wishes she could find that one special troll who will sweep her off her feet, but until then, she'll continue checking out the new clubs in town and shakin' her little booty!


Anonymous said...

Has Tootsie ever considered a career in exotic dancing?

With her attention-grabbing hair and fondness for minimalistic-attire, she looks like the type of troll who would totally "own a pole"

ps. Love the shoes!

yorksnbeans said...

Great suggestion, B! She does have a tendency toward nudity. But, she says she doesn't want to make a bad impression like that blonde from Tonnerre. She does have a reputation to uphold here at TY&B.

delicate flower said...

ya know, she's flatfooted, bless her little troll heart. I know a good Orthopedist who could reshape her feet for a pleasing arch then she could wear heels too.

alantru said...

Once the glamorous Tootsie becomes a famous film star she won't have to stand in lines to get into a club ever again. She'll be whisked past the crowds like the VIP troll she is and given a choice spot on any speaker she desires. Free drinks too!

yorksnbeans said...

DF...I'll FED EX her over to you! got that right...and she will be forever indebted to you! ;-)

nonnie9999 said...

does tootsie dye her hair? i found this baby picture of her, and her hair looks very dark.

Matty said...

Hey, that black thong on Tootsie is quite sexy. Shows a lot, but leaves something to the imagination.

linlah said...

Tootsie needs a pair of those heels.

hiro said...

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Anonymous said...

wow - great shoes

yorksnbeans said...

Nons.... What an adorable baby troll!

FYI...all trolls are born with black hair. Their true color doesn't start to appear until their first birthday and it takes approximately one more year for the color to reach its full intensity.

Matty...LOL! If it were a thong, I think she would be wearing backwards! ;-)

Linlah...she's being FED EX'd to Delicate Flower for an appointment with her orthopaedist just for that reason!

NM...thanks! ;-)

Duncanr said...

Nice legs, YnB - but why didn't you post the one taken when you went bowling?

yorksnbeans said...

Tootsie wasn't with me that night! ;-)