Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Love Is....

There are all types of love.  Love for that special someone, parents, children, pets, hobby, occupation, etc.  Each type of love probably has its own unique elements, but are there certain elements that are consistent in all types of love?    Love is most likely unique to every individual as well.

My basic definition of love would be that it is a feeling of fulfillment, and without it, there would be an aching void. 

So, what is your basic definition of  love?   
(If TL comments on this post, I think I'd fall out of my chair) 


dave hambidge said...

Something so special that public broadcast would inevitably bring ridicule.

yorksnbeans said... must have gotten that one from Webster's dictionary! ;-)

George said...

Love is..."like" to the nth power!!!

dave hambidge said...


Nope, home produced, but unintentional plagiarism is not unheard of with me.

Anonymous said...

To me, love is like glove, but without that pesky "g" getting in the way.

I would pay to see TL's response!

yorksnbeans said...

George...sometimes it can go all the way to Z, but that would be considered a tad obsessive! ;-)

You never cease to amaze me, B. Considering, though, that without the "G" we'd have no place for our thumbs, love would be missing something quite important, no? Obviously, it would take Yang to think of this.

Anonymous said...

For starters, obviously, love is a battlefield.

Plus, love is like that little red ball you stuff into your partners mouth just before you are going to become intimate. They have panic in their eyes but, really deep down, I think it's the look of love.

Love also can be bought for $25 per session, downtown in large cities.

Lastly, love is leaving the person you just mugged with enough money to get a bus ride home. After all, we are not animals.

I think that pretty much covers it. Love, TL

yorksnbeans said...

Oh, you only did this because B said she'd pay, huh?

#1 agreed

#2 scares me

#3 What downtown are you referring to?

#4 I always knew you had a soft side

Anonymous said...

I always thought love was higher than a mountain and thicker than water.

Matty said...

You're so right Jill. There is love for different things, and it's not the same kind of love. I love my children differently than I love baseball.

But as for the love I have for my wife, or my children and grandchildren, my basic definition is:

.....heart and soul. I would be lost without them.

Don Mills said...

I was under the impression that Tannerleah was the closest thing we had to a universal definition of love.

linlah said...

puppy breath, but not licking you or anything creepy.

nonnie9999 said...

i think it's a zero in tennis.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Shoot, I was going to say Love Is a Battlefield but someone already said that.

yorksnbeans said...

Matty...feeling lost without would most definitely be a symptom.

Don...have you taken your pills yet today? ;-)

Linlah...a puppy breath person, huh? mean you had a thought like TL's?? Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

WTF is love....never saying your sorry? I don't think so. Sharing the last Oreo? I don't think so. Love just is!

Anonymous said...

TL is right, we aren't animals...unless we're in the battlefield.

And sadly enough, I too, was under the same impression as Don.

But you already knew I was going to say that, didn't you Yang?

yorksnbeans said...

Loon...very profound!

B...yes I did Ying. ;-)

delicate flower said...

I don't know how to embed this as a video for your blog site....... I had intended to be flip and amusing (hopefully) but actually as I listen to the song it has a good feel about it

*Bravo to TL

yorksnbeans said...

DF...I love it! Great tune and it does have a good feel about it. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't embed videos. Hopefully, they're working on that.

Bear...somehow I missed your comment earlier. You are correct. It's also hotter than the sun and colder than ice and wider than the desert and on and on and on.......