Thursday, September 03, 2009

The First Slice

I just love sinking my teeth into a great piece of pizza. Unfortunately, Atlanta is not known for great pizza. Great continental dining, yes, pizza, no. BUT, last night Mr. YnB and I checked out a new pizza joint (for us, that is....the restaurant has actually been there 2 years). The establishment is nothing to write home about, which is normally the case, but the pizza was absolutely out of this world. I actually found myself comparing it to pizza I had when I lived in Chicago.

Now, talk about good pizza......Chicago knows how to serve it up. One thing that always impressed me when having pizza in Chicago is how all the establishments served you the first slice. Such a small gesture, but one that I found extremely hospitable and gracious. And it made that first bite seem extra delicious. It is the only city I have ever been to that serves their pizzas in this fashion. I wonder why this is? It only takes a couple of seconds for the server to scoop up the first slice for everyone at the table. Since they are the only person standing, it seems to make the most sense for this delicate operation. Otherwise, what happens....they leave the table with the plates stacked on top of each other and the person closest to the plates has to start dishing it out for everyone. If you're sitting in a booth, it can be awkward with someone sitting right next to you. Or, everyone starts pulling out their own pieces. Then the hot cheese gets strung out here and there and it falls all over the table. What a mess it can be. There is an art to serving pizza and Chicago knows it!

I know this is a rambling post, but as my header points out, this blog is allowed an occasional one. Anyhoo....last night's pizza was fabulous and it is sure to become the only pizza joint we will be frequenting for awhile. Maybe, next time, I should drop a hint about serving the first slice?

Do you have a favorite pizza joint?


dave hambidge said...

Never before heard of smoking one?

Dusty said...

I like to serve myself, so I can figure out which piece has the most cheese, pepperoni, etc and I can pounce on that one. ;)

yorksnbeans said...

Dave....really?? You mean they haven't tried it over there in the UK?

Dusty...I never said you couldn't ask your server for a specific slice! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention pizzas. I had an amazing pizza last week. It cooked in a woodfire oven and was topped with toasted marshmallows, chocolate and crumble and served with icecream. Unbelievable.

George said...

Now I'm dying for pizza for lunch. I love a super-duper Supreme, Meat Lover's stuffed crust.


lisleman said...

Here's my favorite Chicago loop area pizza joint

I think you should write to your pizza place and explain why they should start serving the first slice. You'll probably get a coupon anyway.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I have to agree with Dusty...

Matty said...

How ironic that you post about pizza. That's what we had last night on the way to the Phils game. Stopped at a small pizza joint near the ball park known for their pies. It was real good.

YnB, you have sense for when to make a post.

NobblySan said...

Those of you who get subjected to my waffling ona regular basis will know that I have just returned from Italy.

Believe me - what I knew as pizza before, is a long way from the real thing.

Wafer thin, cheese that actually tastes of cheese, beautifully flavoured tomato and all toppings in moderation..... absolutely perfect.

The picture at the top of this post looks tasty, but it aint what I now know to be pizza.

nonnie9999 said...

i've never been to chicago, so give me new yawk pizza any day! oh, how i miss new yawk baked goods of all kinds. the funny thing about new yawk pizza is that it's the only pizza that tastes good folded over.

Lynn said...

rip's italian so, we eat lots of pizza and pasta, but after the firestorm at my blog all day with my chicks post i couldn't eat a thing...don't have a favorite pizza joint, he won't let me order out, we usually make our own! i'm sure it doesnt taste near as good as this one looks..

Lynn said...

oooooh dave hambidge, good one! nobblysan, you lucky dog, i wish i were in italy right now.

Anonymous said...

Yummie! In most "pizzarias" in Brasil we are served not only the first slice, but the servers are trained to keep their eyes on the tables and serve the whole thing. I never thought how gracious that was. From now on I'll be more conscious of that.

I love so many pizzarias here... I'll pick my favorite two: Mercearia Bresser e Baggio

yorksnbeans said...

Loon....even though that pizza sounds more like a dessert it sounds absolutely delicious!

NS...I have heard the "real" Italian pizza is very different than what we know it to be.

Nons...I did have a pizza in NYC a few years ago and it was very good, but I have to say Chicago has them beat!

Lynn...I'm sure Rip must make a mean pie! that's the way it should be!! :-)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Chicago is the US capital of pizza that's for sure. I like having the first piece served too. I always thought because the wait staff did the serving, the kitchen did a better job of cutting/slicing the pizza. Did you ever notice that? Most non-serving places barely cut through the slices and it's much harder to serve yourself.

Anyway, now we're ordering pizza in for dinner tonight :-)