Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Smart-Ass Bimbo B*tch CS Rep

One of the most dreadful things to have to do these days (other than clean out the fridge) is to call a business to get help. But, lately some businesses, especially internet companies, are offering online chat assistance. One would think "Great!", but yesterday I was blessed with a smart-ass bimbo who really got my feathers ruffled.

So I thought I'd entertain you today by saving the thread for today's post. Athough, I did type ONE word in caps, I did preface it with a plea for help. I felt at that point in the conversation I needed to emphasize that one word since she wasn't answering my question.

For the sake of authenticity, I have not changed my name and this will probably be one of the only times I will use it here at TY&B!

Online Chat Assistance:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Alysa'

Alysa: Hi, how may I help you?

Jill: Hi! My account is about to renew, but how do I check to see if the credit card I used last year is still current?

Alysa: I will direct you to a page where you can learn how to update your billing information with

If you have a pop up blocker installed, you will need to click on the link.

Alysa: Link to FAQ page

Jill: how do I get to the billing info. page on my account?

Alysa: Which method of payment did you use?

Jill: I think I used AMEX. I need to know what the last 4 digits were.

Alysa: I'm not able to look that information up.

Alysa: The only thing you can do is change your billing information using the link I provided to you.

Alysa: Or you can check with your credit card company, and look at the statement from the time you made the purchase, and ensure that is still valid, but unfortunately we are unable to look that information up.

Jill: The link you sent me was just a FAQ page (NOTE: it did not direct you to where one goes to view their account billing info.)

Alysa: And all of the steps that you require are listed ont hat page, Jill.

Alysa: To update your billing information for your Premium Package if you paid with Credit Card, please follow these steps.

Step 1. When you first purchase a domain or a Premium Package, it defaults itself to automatically renew. In order to turn off auto renew, you need to login to your webs account and click the Site Settings tab.
Step 2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Site Settings page. There is a box titled Other Settings. Please click Cancel my Premium Services.
Step 3. Your Premium Services are now set to expire. Your account it still accessible to the public until it has hit expiration. Make sure you return on the expiration date and do a manual renewal. At this time, you can set things back to auto renew if you wish with your new billing information.

Jill: Okay you're going to have to help me here. WHERE do I go to do this??

Alysa: First of all... YELLING at me isn't going to get the problem solved. So please do not do that.

Jill: I am not yelling. I need to know where to go.

Alysa: Secondly, if you follow those steps to turn off auto renew, and the return on your expiration date, and just RE-purchase the package you are interested in,t hat's all you need to do.

Alysa: To do what, exactly, Jill?

Jill: I do not want to turn off the auto-renew. I just want to know where I can go to see my billing info.

Alysa: I've given you that information twice already. (You can probably tell by now I was getting nowhere)

Alysa: You would need to contact the credit card company itselff, we do not keep that information listed.

Jill: So, if I leave it alone and it is not a good card, then what will happen?

Alysa: It would not renew, and you would need to come back on your expiration date and reenter the information, which is why I suggested you follow the step by step instructions that I've provided to you twice.

Jill: You know something, you have a very smart ass attitude and I don't appreciate it one bit. I will figure out a way to report you.

Alysa: I can transfer you to my manager if you'd like, Jill

Jill: Most definitely

Alysa: Fantastic, I'm going to transfer you over to Jen now. Thanks so much for chatting today! (This is when the b*tch paused for about 30 seconds to see if I would type something nasty, which obviously I didn't, so finally she pushed a button to transfer me)

Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Jen'.

You are now chatting with 'Jen'

Jen: Hello Jill

Jill: Hello

Jen: How can I help you?

Jill: I would like you to scroll through this chat and see the arrogance in Alysa's comments. I have never been treated so rudely on service chat or phone call in my life.

Jill: on "a" service chat, that is.

Jen: Alysa is not able to see your credit card information here in chat so to get that information for you we would need to submit a ticket.

Jill: That was the answer I was looking for. Thank you.

Jen: You're welcome

Jen: If you need to update your billing information in the future you will need to cancel your subscription and then manually renew with the new information, that is the only way right now to update.

Jill: Are you not going to make a comment about Alysa?

Jill: Did you not find her replies uncalled for?

Jen: I do apologize if she was coming across as rude because that was not her intention at all.

Jill: I'm sure it wasn't her intention, but regardless, they did come across very rudely. If this is how she deals with customers, it doesn't reflect very well on Webs.

Jen: I will submit a ticket for you and they will contact you about your card.

Jill: Thank you very much!

Jen: I understand completely.

Jen: You're welcome!

Jill: Have a nice day!

Jen: Have a fantastic day, and please contact us again if there is anything we can assist you with.

* Jen did follow through with an email and the info. I was requesting.

Thhhaaaaats All Folks!


Dusty said...

I get smarmy CS folks at least once a month, the most recent was WalMart. The in=person WalMart bitch really chap my ass and girl..I DO NOT hold back!

The ones on the phone end up hanging up on

yorksnbeans said...

Dusty - I'd love to be a fly on the wall! ;-)

Dusty said...

Oh woman, you have no idea! I make them feel like total idiots, then I ask them why in the blue hell they take a job they have NO qualifications for..helping people. then..

I tell them to try and have a nice-friggin-day. ;p

Big Pissy said...

I do not hold back in situations like this.

As a matter of fact; I found a manager at a Macy's just last week to complain about an incompetent employee.

I consider it a public service to the company...informing them of terrible employees!

yorksnbeans said...

Welcome BP!! I just went over to your place and said hi. Love your blog! Look forward to chatting more! :-)

delicate flower said...

Makes my blood boil just reading it.. wanna go out and find her and choke her don't you ? I do, but we all know what kind of hormonal state I"m in this week!!
geez.. you'd think when they're taking YOUR money that they'd be more helpful.

yorksnbeans said...

DF...I was so irked I wanted to scream. I doubt she even got a reprimand for it, either.

Joanna Jenkins said...

OMG-- I'd have jumped out of the window half way through all of that! That kind of stuff drives me nuts.

nonnie9999 said...

you reminded me that i was pissed off at amazon. they sent me an email saying that they had dvds on sale, 2 for 10 bucks. my mom's bday is coming up, and she loves movies, so i clicked on the link. i picked out a bunch of movies, but when i got to checkout, i noticed that one movie was $13.99 and one was $16.99, instead of 5 bucks apiece, as advertised. i called customer service and asked why they were either priced incorrectly or if they should not have been listed in the 2/$10 category. i was told someone would call or email me within 48 hours. that was on july 23rd. i've been checking to see if they corrected the prices of those 2 movies or if they removed them. nope! both still listed with the same prices.

well, i just called amazon again. i told them that i was very angry that nobody contacted me when they said they would, and it's not good business to advertise falsely. the lady apologized and asked me to hold on while she located the dvds i was talking about. i was fully prepared to argue with her, but she apologized several times and then gave me a credit for $21.00 to cover the difference. i thanked her for being so professional and told her that she saved a sale, as i would have canceled the entire order had she not been so nice. mission accomplished!

yorksnbeans said...

Nons....well that story had a very nice ending! Too bad you had to go through the frustration first.

yorksnbeans said...

JJ...If I had been on a telephone, I probably would have hung up (although I've never experienced a rude CS rep on the phone). I almost disconnected the chat, but I took a few deep breaths and trudged on.

Lynn said...

i had a recent call with bank of america that was a total fiasco as well. i'll bet crabby old fart would have something to say about that one! geez...what a pain for you though!

Anonymous said...

People suck...just by nature. It comes naturally.

Anonymous said...

What company sets up their billing system so you have to CANCEL (i am not yelling) your account in order to change your billing info. Doesn't that encourage people not to come back?

yorksnbeans said...

Very good point, Bear! It's very strange they don't have a billing info. page that you can't go to. They had to email me the info. Other than that, it actually is a very good website. I am the website administrator for a homeowner association and this is the website that hosts it.

bluntdelivery said...


longer siiigh.

seriously? well. i'd still rather deal with this than the Fandango lady.

Anonymous said...

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