Friday, August 14, 2009

Cupcake Friday

Every week we all experience little unexpected pleasures. I liken them to cupcakes. Something that puts an instant smile on my face. Luscious goodness in a small package.

This past week was another triple cupcake week for me, and this time they all had something to do with blogging!

1. Bearman Cartoons designed a custom image just for TY&B that I am using for my email image on my blogsite because I LOVE it!! He even devoted an entire post to me. I feel so honored! Thank you again Bear!

2. My body part being mistaken for Nurse Myra's and being complimented several times! Compliments are always instant pick-me-ups!!

Receiving a gift card to Barnes & Noble from the Misadventures with Andi and using it to buy a couple of books I've been wanting. Freebies are always unexpected pleasures!

Can you name a few of your own cupcakes?

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


blunt delivery said...


i didn't wake up with a hangover today.

Sheila Deeth said...

I just found you at Bearman, and had to follow up on the Yorkshire America mix. As for cupcakes, Lulu came through for me and I'll be selling books at our neighborhood fair - or should I say trying to sell books. More cupcakes if I sell them I guess. Nice to meet you.

yorksnbeans said...

Welcome Sheila...and good luck with the fair!

And for you BD...what can I say other than....clean up your act! ;-)

NobblySan said...

Re: No2....

What do you mean 'body part'? There was definately more than one!

Anonymous said...

I learned that occasional is only spelled with one "s"

Lynn said...

now nobbly, how did i know that comment came from you. if it weren't for the name i would still be abel to tell that one came from you. funny how are comments giveus away isn't it? YnBs~ fantastic week for you! good for you my friend!

yorksnbeans said...

NS...Thanks for pointing that out! ;-)

Bear...high-five to ya!

Lynn..thanks and yes, I think several us are getting to know each other by the way we write and sense of humor!

Joanna Jenkins said...

You had a happy week :-)

Now I'm off to find some cupcakes. Yours made me hungry.

nonnie9999 said...

laughing with my sister today over the phone.

Dusty said...

You sweet, almost-always-positive-woman!

I do love this post..and now I won't be able to think of a cupcake any other way but what you explain here. ;)

Stingy Sweats Model said...

Receiving my Beanie prize in the mail today!

It's beautiful, and I'm not sharing :-)

Thank you, YNB!

yorksnbeans said... glad you like it! :-)

Dusty & JJ...Hey there! Yep, same here, I've been craving cupcakes ever since I started Cupcake Friday. In fact I made some a couple of days ago. Red velvet with cream cheese icing....yummmmmmmy!

Nons....a good laugh is good for the soul!

Anonymous said...

Cupcakes: Returning from holidays to find my son had removed some annoying popups from my computer, rearranged the kitchen cupboards, found a beautiful new artwork for the living room, weeded the garden and dropped my car off for a service :-)

Burnt toast: My son had been retrenched from his job. The car cost me $1400.00 for new brakes and suspension :-(

yorksnbeans said...

NM...what nice pleasantries to return home to. You've got a great son! The burnt toast, though, could have been left out, huh! I am assuming that retrenched means he lost his job? If so, I wish him all the best in finding another that he will enjoy even more!

dave hambidge said...

1) Hazel, my wife, getting over the worst of shingles.
2) Brit weather allowing an all too rare BBQ.
3) The osprey chicks from RSPB Loch Garten have started their migration south and we can monitor it by their onboard GPS senders. A true wonder of modern technology.

NobblySan said...


1) My son returning from Italy to spend a week with us.
2) Us returning to Italy with him for a few days from this Thursday.


1)MrsN having to get on a an aeroplane twice within a week - she is seriously stressed about this!

Bob Trusty said...

I saw that Mr Bearman Cartoon of yours, Jill!


Im not allowed cupcakes unless they are non flavoured and sugar free. Mum wouldnt want me to get hyper and overstimulated!

so my cupcakes would be

1. having dinner with my wonderful gal Rose and my great friend I-Zax

2. Discovering new blob friends

3. Making my mum happy

4. My acting classes. So much fun!

Yours are just as great!



yorksnbeans said...

DH...nice to see you! Your triple cupcake week was a true success! #3 sounds very interesting. Is there a website to follow?

NS...Have a great time and just tell Mrs. NS to call her doc and get some Xanax. It works great!! ;-)

Bob...Exactly what is a "blob" friend? Please fill me in. Good to see you!

Anonymous said...

1) Had sex on Thursday
2) Had sex on Friday
3) Most likely gonna have sex tonight.



delicate flower said...

My treats for the week...
Anonymously Secret and Yorks N Beans dedicated a post to my birthday.
My son bought me a wonderful book for my birthday...
and, I had a delightful evening with this wonderful man who is becoming a very important part of my life

yorksnbeans said...

Ivan....don't be so Cocky :-) had a VERY special week! ;-)

womaninblack said...

1) Finding a hideous 1960s gnome good luck charm in a charity shop (oh how I love it)
2) Making pizza with my nippers.
3) Realising the tree I bought - then killed - has been resurrected from beyond the grave. Possibly a miracle. May inform Pope.
4) Finally writing a blog post. Hallelujah!
Happy Saturday

dave hambidge said...

Third and final attempt, for osprey tarcking go to;

yorksnbeans said...

Thanks Dave...I go take a look-see!

yorksnbeans said...

Hi WIB...good to see you! A little gnome cute! 'Nippers' - please explain! And, Congrats on the tree that came back to life! :-)

NobblySan said...

nippers = kids

yorksnbeans said...

Thanks NS...Mr. YnB has never used that term.

yorksnbeans said...

I just went and asked him if he knew what it meant and he replied "little kids". So, he knew!

dave hambidge said...

nippers, rugrats, puke bags, carpet grubbers, heart breakers

all the same really

yorksnbeans said...

Got it, Dave! :-)

NobblySan said...

Being British, the term 'cupcake' is a bit of a new one on me, and i had put it down as a purely American term.

But having just checked out Colin(the bog raver)'s blog - it would appear that the word is headed this way, as it has already infiltrated Northern Ireland.

yorksnbeans said... it just the word "cupcake" or you don't even have such a thing as a cupcake? If not, they're wonderful treats!

yorksnbeans said...

BTW...I thought it was ironic that the cupcake festival was sponsored by "Bean and Gone"!!