Friday, August 07, 2009

Cupcake Friday

Last week when I started this column (I'm not sure what to call a repeated post, so for a lack of a better term I'll call them columns. If there is proper word, please let me know.), I realized that we probably all experience little unexpected pleasures throughout the week that sometimes go unacknowledged. So, in an effort to bring these small pleasures to the forefront, I thought a weekly column might help (especially for myself). Taking a moment to notice a small pleasure can make the difference in your entire day! This week was a Triple Cupcake week for me (there were probably more, but I'm workin' on it).

Unexpectedly, spending an extra day at the lake last weekend and not leaving until Monday. What a delight!

Being the winner of a weekly giveaway from Andi @ Misadventures With Andi. Thank you Andi!

Seeing the most beautiful orange full moon last night. Does anyone know what makes this unusual sight occur?

What were your unexpected pleasures this past week?


dave hambidge said...

Orange is the cheese going mouldy.

Dusty said...

Its the atmosphere, not the moon. But it is beautiful isn't it? ;)

Andy Holroyd said...

I promise not to mention Lord Rayleigh. Oh, damn!

OK, I guess the Moon was low in the sky.

Then the light has to pass through more of the atmosphere than when it's high up in the sky.

Molecules in the air scatter blue and green light more than orange and red, which come straight through giving an orange tinted Moon. Dust in the atmosphere adds enormously to the effect (cheers Dusty), so you never see it quite the same twice.

It's exactly the same for a red sunset and, strangely, why the sky is blue during the day. In that case blue light scatters here, there and everywhere, and appears to come from all directions.

yorksnbeans said...

I knew you would pull through on this Andy! Thank you Dusty, as well.

And hello Dave! Wit is always welcomed guest at TYB!! :-)

delicate flower said... one talked about their unexpected pleasure.. challenge for me as the week has been full of bad news and blips!
Maybe the affirmative comment I got on a post earlier in the week from Kim Collins, a blogger and writer, who complimented me on the content of my post...

nonnie9999 said...

seeing the 11 baby ducks in the backyard. so adorable!

Sweats Model said...

It's been a weird and chaotic week with no unexpected pleasures until an hour or so ago. A phone call from the sis-in-law with a "let's get the hell out of here!" We're heading to the beach!! Look out!

Andy Holroyd said...

@df and for a cupcake from Y&Bs.

Unexpected pleasures? Everything!

But I look forward, not back. Tomorrow morning I'm hoping to visit a guy's workshop where he hand-makes mandolins.

yorksnbeans said...

Nons...I hope you had your camera with you! How adorable!

DF...I know you must have had at least one more! ;-)

Sweats...Have a great time!

Andy....Mr. YnB loves things like that as well. I hope you get to go!

Anonymous said...

1. finding out that singapore is not as hot as vietnam

2. finally locating something resembling a corset. I was beginning to think they were banned in singapore

3. discovering octopus balls. I can't get enough of them

delicate flower said...

Enjoyable coffee this morning with girlfriend, sitting out on our downtown mall watching the crowds.

NobblySan said...


Good kob there are enough of those balls to go round then...

It should be 16 per octopus, I suppose.