Friday, July 10, 2009

Technical Issues

I have a couple of questions to ask you:

1. Today, I am using my laptop because we are now at our weekend getaway. As you probably noticed earlier this week, I added a photo in my header. At home, I got it sized to fit exactly inside the formatted header box, but now I see on my laptop it is too large. I need to know what all of you are seeing. I have a 22 in. monitor at home, but I never thought the size of a monitor should make a difference in the page view. Is this a Blogger issue or is there a way to fix this at my end? I also notice the slideshow I added on the sidebar is overlapping a bit into the text column which wasn't an issue at home.

2. I hear from time to time that some guests experience a bit of frustration when trying to submit a comment, and in Lynn's case, she has an issue of getting out of my blog (so I have a power over some of you...mmuaaahaahaaa!) If you are having issues here at TY&B (and it doesn't pertain to content) please let me know and I will complain to those invisible geeks who hide behind the curtains of cyberspace and have no phone #s.

Thank you everyone and have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Well, I had to get a tape measure for this. I have an 18" screen on a Sony VAIO notebook. (did you know that you measure your monitor screen diagonally?) Your header is beautiful and perfectly centered. I do, however see about 2" (or 5 cm) on both sides that are empty. If your original is not big enough it will probably appear distorted if you try to stretch.

Also, yes, I still have that problem with not being able to get out at times but I've come to the conclusion that it is some conflict between Wordpress and Blogspot as it has happened on other Blogspot sites.

Anonymous said...

hey just noticed your slideshow of the glasses, that's awesome, wish wordpress would let me do a slideshow in the sidebar. good job!

nonnie9999 said...

everything looks fine to me. i've never had any problems over here, and i'm impressed by all the different kinds of stuff you have.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - I'm with wordpress and can't get out of blogger sites either - it's SO f#@%&ing annoying. almost makes me want to boycott blogger!

It's only been happening for about three weeks, wish they'd hurry up and fix it. I actually took one blog off my daily reads because of it

yorksnbeans said...

So, then most of you don't see a problem with the current layout of my blog? Well, that's good. The other problem of being trapped here....well, that's kinda of funny from this end!! :-) But, that of course for you guys would be extremely frustrating. Please NM...don't take me off your rounds!! I'll write them and see if I can get an answer about that issue.

lisleman said...

Darn I thought there might be some quick explanation of this resized banner/header picture.

I just did an easy/simple experiment.
I'm using Firefox on a mac (don't think the hardware matters) and I watched the header while adjusting the browser window size.

I noticed the box outline gets smaller faster than the picture as I make the window smaller.

On my blog 'a few clowns short' my header picture is left justified (I don't remember but I think that was default at the time) so the extra background expands on just the right side. Your's looks centered.

I don't know if that helped much but I do know your header picture is limited in its width (unless you want it cut off).

Anonymous said...

I forgot to answer the screen question. My screen is not large, I'm guessing 18" or even less and I have to use the left/right arrows to see your banner in its entirety otherwise it's cut off as 'rambli'

I use Chrome as my browser

Anonymous said...

nursemyra sounds like you probably have your screen resolution set low (which makes things appear larger, hence having to use the bottom scroll bar to view the page in it's entirety. so you'll need to increase your resolution for optimal viewing. just a thought.

Anonymous said...

yes i agree it's very annoying with the snafu between blogger and wordpress. ijust got booted for the second time. aargh!!

Andy Holroyd said...

I guess it's an effect of screen resolution.

If I set the screen to 1024 x 768 then it overhangs on the right.

Set to 1152 x 864 and it fits just about right.

At 1280 x 960 it's narrower than the header box with a wide margin on the left and right.

Vertically it fits spot-on at each setting.

What seems to be happening is the header box is adapting to the horizontal resolution to fit itself to the screen width, but vertically it's fixed at ~230 pixels or whatever.

I can't think of an easy way to fix this. I guess there's a way to stretch the image to fit the box but then you would have to adjust the box's height depending on the screen width.

How's your Javascript?

Andy Holroyd said...

I just noticed the Madhatters logo does the same. at 1024 it disappears behind the right-hand sidebar.

Another question for you. I may be missing it, but I can't find an RSS feed for the blog so I never know when you update. Do you have it disabled?

yorksnbeans said...

Andy...thanks so much for taking the time to look into this issue. It seems that Blogger doesn't offer a function to automatically correct resolution and screen size differences for embedded images, unless there's something I'm not aware. I might just take out the image if it's not appearing correctly for other viewers. Bummer.

yorksnbeans said...

Andy - To answer your other question, I guess I never set it for an RSS feed. I'll go check and make that change.

Andy Holroyd said...

RSS feed noted, cheers.

But now you've had me looking at the effect of screen resollution on my blog!

yorksnbeans has big fish.

George said...

I've found that my website appears differently on laptops than it does on regular PC monitors. I know that monitor size affects that, too, but I haven't had too many complaints.

I've only had a couple of problems with getting off of your site (you have the juice, baby!), but I eventually do so it's something that I can deal with.

Plus, I usually have to submit my comments twice, but that's just the matter of hitting the submit button twice, not a big deal at all either.

Fundamental Jelly said...

You do realize you have cows in your header photo??

yorksnbeans said...

WTF!! COWS?? I can handle all the other complaints but COWS? Blogger's gonna get a piece of my mind over that one. Thanks for letting me know FJ.

delicate flower said...

I also get stuck at Yorks and Beans and can't get back to my own field of flowers, though aving noted FJ's retort! my flowers could be nibbled by your toes.
The back and forth about resolution, banners etc has me feel slightly better about giving up almost all control for Wordpress... almost all control.
Ya know.. control is an interesting issue, I have issues w/ submission. I'm learning to submit but really I prefer to be in control... oops, off comment, repetitive..Best get off, but oh? stuck at YnB... arrrrg..

yorksnbeans said...

DF...I have played around with Wordpress and I like the fact they offer more functions than Blogger, but I feel I need to stay with Blogger since I'm here. I wish they would take a few ideas from them and add them here. I'm afraid to experiment with the Blogger compatible templates, since I don't know a thing about HTML.

yorksnbeans said...

Andy...thanks for the Big Fish vid!!