Monday, July 06, 2009


Thank you all for your contributions! We had an overwhelming 11 photo submissions in the TY&B Something Fun That Requires A Camera Contest. Please take your time to absorb all the magnificent photos before casting your ever-so-important vote. Anyone who comes and visits is welcome to join in on the fun. The polls will remain open til Monday morning July 13th.

The ballots can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page. UPDATE: It was noticed that Crabbyoldfart was not included on the Coolest Glasses ballot (oops, Crabby, my mistake). I have added an additional ballot for his entry.

Awards: Coolest Glasses, Craziest Glasses, Funniest Glasses, Funniest Placement, Most Creative

As stated in my original post, you may also submit your own award in the comments section.
Since we didn't receive any ugly glasses I switched that award to "craziest".


Trippin (Lynn)

Part-time Sweats Model


Trippin (Uncle Jim)

Mr. YnB

Delicate Flower


Crabby Old Fart





bluntdelivery said...

ok okay i voted... i must say, it was very VERY close call. but uncle jim is just so endearing. and that whole delicate flower thing scared me with the leash next to it.

Lynn said...

do i vote here? i'm old and confused....

Duncanr said...

Have I won yet ?

yorksnbeans said...'ll have to wait til Monday!

Duncanr said...

Oi, you lot !!!

Just checked the results so far - and none of you, not even one, has voted for me yet

B*stards !!!

yorksnbeans said...

Duncs....don't be a sore loser YET!! The polls will be open for another 4 days. Get off your bum and go do some campaigning! :-)

yorksnbeans said...

BTW....votes can be changed!!

delicate54flower said...

Blunt Delivery! Nothing scary there. That's not a leash, it's a ... um... bracelet! one of a pair...Delicate Flower is stepping out some nowadays....

delicate54flower said...

Duncan, I prefer to be called bitch, not b*stard.... '-0

Duncanr said...

Yeehaa !!!

I got a vote - thank you, thank you, thank you

It wasn't me, honest !!!

(what kind of a sad bugger do you think I am that I would vote for myself?)

P.S. how many times can I vote, YnB ?

yorksnbeans said...

Well can change your votes as many times as you'd like, but you can only vote once on each ballot. But, did you notice that you received a vote on EACH ballot, dear sir??

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..what happened to my comment again. Damn Blogger.

Duncan gets no vote from me because it seems he would rather dance to the beat of his own drum.

NobblySan said...

I've already voted (for sweats) in the creative section, but where are the votes for Mr.YnB? That's a seriously laid back arrangement. Come on people!