Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Apparently, Australians feel the same way about their politicians as we do! :-)


Anonymous said...

yeah it's politicians, but that was an total exchange of Brit type speaking, I mean I know the other dude was Australian, but they're just like Brits in humor and talk... that was great!

I think I'm going to delete my blog btw... I don't have the time to update it and I'd rather just comment on blogs, I've been focusing on my job hardcore this week! :)

Anonymous said...

I liked your blogs, m2elena! Bummer! I'm not keeping up with mine, either though, so I understand.

That was really funny, yorksnbeans! I laughed out loud several times!

VoiceoftheGods said...

Obviously the important thing to remember here is the front fell off. And don't forget that usually the front does not fall off of boats.

Also, did you sign up for WordPress? Your vampire shape avatar is a troll doll now.

yorksnbeans said...

M2...I'll miss your blog!! BTW...what is your job?

HPG...glad you got a good laugh! :-)

VOG...No, I didn't sign up with Wordpress, but I did get myself a gravatar!

Anonymous said...

I am a broadcast animator for a television affiliate.. also do web, and print for them. :D

Well just after all the smears and drama, I don't know about the blog- I might just put it on hold like Nevenera did... Just so I can focus and stuff. But I will come visit both your blogs!!

nonnie9999 said...

omg! that was so friggin' funny! i laughed so hard that my front fell off!

yorksnbeans said...

ooohhh...I hope it was wasn't the girlie parts!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh that is just too funny! :-)
Great find YNBs! Love it! Image -"waves" wooohooo!

NobblySan said...

A great clip, Y'n'B!

I love stuff like that. There's a couple of blokes here in the UK (Bird and Fortune) who do similar spoof political interviews.

yorksnbeans said...

NS...If you can post your favorites, I always love a good laugh! :-)