Friday, June 26, 2009

Black or White

I had something else I planned on posting today, but after yesterday's happenings, I just don't feel it today. So, here's one of my faves from Michael. The last half of the video showcases his amazing dancing talent, although, I never really did get the hand in the crotch deal.

My first video was totally removed from youtube(by lawyers I'm sure), but here it is again in two separate videos. The first link is the song Black & White and the second one is his amazing dance routine.

I can not get the song on video so here's the link for Black or White:

Here is his amazing dance routine video (if you like his dancing you need to watch this!)
Here's the url in case that is removed as well:



Dusty said...

I hope you have a most excellent weekend too, YnB ;)

womaninblack said...

I thought all men got the hand in crotch thing...?

womaninblack said...

My proof reading is diabolical, which is concerning considering my profession.
I meant...I thought only men got the hand in crotch thing. Or perhaps I am just hanging around with the wrong men. This would not be a surprise.
Blogrolled you today, BTW. Happy weekend!

bluntdelivery said...

forreals... the king of pop AND my fair-feathered farrah kick the can on the same freakin day? MY BIRTHDAY!? what the crap

Anonymous said...

it's always such a dark day for families. i feel for them today. thanks for posting that clip YnBs.

Anonymous said...

The video has been removed... but I know the song anyway. I've been wandering around elsewhere (as in not on the computer) for the last couple of weeks. Camping, doing chores, doctors' apts. I'm sure the media is going to (ahem, already HAS) WAY overdue the Jackson story, and it seems they don't even know who Farrah Fawcett was.

Personally, I want to hear about the climate bill in the news.

yorksnbeans said...

Oh crap, the lawyers are already all over this. Sorry, guys if you didn't get to view this vid. It was a good one. worries. Enjoy the summer! I just got back from being out on the lake.

Oh man, that's right BD. That really sucks. Hope your day wasn't totally ruined.

WIB...I'm honored (being blogrolled that is)! Thanks for stopping in. And you're probably right. Men might get it more so than women. I'll stop by your place and say hi!

alantru said...

About the hand on the crotch thing. We need to know it's there. All the time. We're funny that way.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

FYI i was able to see just fine. it's only his amazing dance routine, no music.

yorksnbeans said...

Lynn...yes the video is just his dancing to no music. The song is available through link only.

nonnie9999 said...

i don't think i ever saw that before. that was like singin in the rain on acid. singin in the acid rain?

alantru said...

This isn't by any means brilliant. But it is certainly worth a look... Phillpino Jailmates performs Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'

yorksnbeans said...

Looks like some inmates might have gotten carried away on previous takes since some of the girl's hair appears to have been ripped out.