Thursday, May 28, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Politics.....

Not entirely, so don't be sad. We had come to a crossroads here at Two Yorks & A Bean but finally made an executive decision at this morning's board meeting which consisted of me (Bean) and just one York (my Yorkie, Simon). The other York had gone to work, who is a actually just a silent partner anyway.

After much heated discussion, it was determined that the political pieces have not been receiving much attention, and the time has come to replace them with other material in attempts to satisfy current customers and possibly increase circulation. This will be a difficult endeavor considering the lack of substance and brain power to work with, but here at TY&B we love challenges.

This does not mean, in any way, that comments and opinions will not be forthcoming on other political blog posts!! Dear me, that could never stop. So rest assured that YNB will continue to voice her opinion on other blogs about the whacky happenings coming out of DC.

Also, any type of structure at this site will probably be disappearing. Simon made a very good point that we should shake things up a bit, be more willy-nilly, fly by the seat of your pants, type thing. Get rid of the silly weekday stuff, he barked. Let's keep the good ones, but don't be stuck to a certain day. So, if you happen to see a Tuesday Teaser posted on let's say a Friday, so be it. Great suggestion, Simon! And, if a political piece slips in once in a blue moon, don't fire us.

So, there you go. Things will be a changin' here. It might be one giant flop, but we'll have fun doing it, and that's what it's all about here at TY&B!

Have a great day! :-)


Duncanr said...

I've only just arrived - and you're changing things !!!

Was it something I said ? :lol:

yorksnbeans said...

don't worry duncan...Simon and I have a plan that's sure to please (crossing fingers and paws)

Duncanr said...

That Simon is an intelligent looking chappie.

And he barks a lot of sense.

He would get along well with my 'Wee Rab' - he too likes to dress up in bra and knickers (the wife's not mine - honest!) and frequently plonks his a*se on the table next to my laptop when I'm trying to work.

(Keep your eye on Fundamental Jelly's blog for a pic of Wee Rab sometime soon as part of his home workplace feature)

yorksnbeans said...

Yes, without him, I wouldn't be too sure of the future of TY&B. First of all, we'd have to change the name which took long enough to come up with in the first place, and OY&B is a bit confusing. People would be saying "oy & b", which actually is quite amusing. But, he's staying since lately he's been making the most sense out of the three of us. We'll definitely be on the look out for Wee Rab!! Undergarments would be a nice touch. Tell him to dress for the occasion! :-)

nonnie9999 said...

simon is not only handsome, but wise.

yorksnbeans said...

beyond his years(or is that "ears")! ;-)

Anonymous said...

this was written with so much gusto and entertainment. cool!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to what you have next and's a breath of fresh air to discuss other topics.......Simon 2 paws up for that idea!:-)

yorksnbeans said...

thanks ann...yep, he's a pretty good partner!! :-)

yorksnbeans said...

m2 - yeah...this noggin can spurt out more than a line or two every once in awhile! :-)