Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Lights Out....and that's fine with me!

I found a couple of new blog buddies (Stop Annoying Me & Food Here Convenience Store) and they have inspired me with their humorous posts. (Well, I can't really call them buddies because they haven't actually communicated with me yet, but that's what I've titled my blogroll.) My writings will probably never achieve their level of humor, but they have been an inspiration for me to lighten up a bit, here at the YNB Spot.

I always enjoy a good chuckle because this serious stuff can get awfully boring in the blogosphere. That's probably why I enjoy CrazyCueball on iReports as much as I do. I much prefer to smile than be grumpy and depressed because of the insane news that is thrown daily in our faces by the media. Even when I think something positive and uplifting has occurred, like Obama finally setting his stimulus program in motion which will hopefully get our country back on track, I find out I shouldn't be happy at all, but stark raving mad about it.

Maybe I'm just too stupid to realize these things on my own, and I need the media and other bloggers to point out the fact that I'm living in a dream world. Maybe I need to screw my head on a bit tighter because there must be an actual light bulb, that when screwed in properly, will enable me to see the real mess he's gotten us into so I can be miserable and mad like everyone else.

But, I think I'll keep my head on the way it is for the time being. Screwing it on tighter for the light bulb thing to happen would result in my looking backwards all the time which in my opinion would be counterproductive.


Anonymous said...

YNB - Hey, I made it over here! We are officially buddies. (But not in a gay way).

I find medications help my mood quite a bit. Also, finding people to make fun of.

And, yeah, the world is a mess but we are all going to die soon anyway. How's that for a pick me up?

You just keep right on smiling.

yorksnbeans said...

Thanks TL for stopping by! I'm excited about a having a new buddy (and agreed, not in a gay way). I'll do my best to offer more humor here at the YNB spot, although I tend to find that a potpourri of all sorts of thoughts keep popping out of this noggin.

VoiceoftheGods said...

I don't know about that. If you could turn your head around backwards then you'd make a fortune as the Human Owl. :-)

yorksnbeans said...

VOG...but I'd be a freak, so I'll pass on the moolah! :-)