Wednesday, May 20, 2009


What is this ridiculous resolution about the GOP changing the Democratic party name to "Democrat-Socialist Party" or condemning the Democrats or whatever BS they are arguing over? Anyone with common sense would know they have much bigger fish to fry than to spend even 5 minutes on such an idiotic matter. It sounds like grade school when the bullies decide to call Johnny, pee-pee Johnny, because they think it's funny and will anger and embarrass the kid. Well, if you ask me, they are embarrassing themselves by acting like children.

A recent gallup poll shows that in almost every major demographic group the GOP has lost a lot of ground in recent years. So guys, why don't you start spending some time cleaning up the mess at your own party instead of concentrating on the other guys, or better yet, go bang your heads against a wall until some sense is knocked into them.

From NBC's Mark Murray

A Republican National Committee official tells First Read that RNC members are working to "massage" or "mitigate" today's widely-panned resolution calling to rename the Democratic Party the "Democrat-Socialist Party."

The official adds that the language is still be worked out, although CNN is reporting that the resolution will call to condemn the "Democrats' march to socialism" -- or something similar to that.

The vote on the resolution is supposed to begin around 5:15 pm ET, and there's supposed to be a media avail after that.

Gallup Poll Article


nonnie9999 said...

the rethugs are like little kids who got caught doing bad stuff and are trying to deflect attention to everyone else by calling them names and saying they did bad things. too bad that parents and voters usually see through that kind of thing.

yorksnbeans said...

I don't think they've quite caught on to the fact that they are currently a minority and their childish antics are not going to get them where they'd like to be.

Geonite said...

I stopped taking the GOP seriously when McCain picked Palin as his VP. He lost a lot of votes there.

I just don't want to become a one party nation.

VoiceoftheGods said...

If you ask me I'm fond of Colbert's suggestion. They should change the name to something that's so appaling people will run away screaming.

"The Republican Party"

Anonymous said...

Interesting post YNBs! I can't believe how fast that party is self destructing and coming up with mindless ideas like this. Astounding -seems to me if they want to remain viable they had better spend their time finding people
to come to their senses and focus on the real issues and that is helping our country get on solid footing!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

One day they will realize that the Carl Rove tactics of the past will only back fire on, had they succeeded, or been able to keep their rape and pillage of our country a secrete, then maybe those kind of tactics would still be effective. I hope they can turn the page and join the rest of us someday.

yorksnbeans said...

Geo - I agree, we do need a 2nd party that can bring some valid arguments to the table, but unfortunately that is not what is happening right now.

VOG...good one!! :-)

Annie....great to see you!

Annie & Italco....just think of what could be accomplished if they would start acting like intelligent adults, which does not mean they have to agree with the Dems all the time, just start working together to solve the nation's issues.

Anonymous said...

YNB- so true! How I wish they would grow up and learn to work together instead of being so divided and pouting! You hit the nail on the head!