Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Are Vegetarians Healthier?

Why is it than when I'm having a meal with a vegetarian, I feel that I'm the unhealthy one? I know I'm not, and it's certainly not because they have ever said anything or implied such. The feeling only lasts as long as the meal. I could probably be a vegetarian, but my body craves meat if I haven't had it for a few days. Red meat I can live without for longer periods, but even with that, there will come a day when a nice juicy hamburger made on the backyard grill is all I crave. I'm sure those cravings would subside if I ever decided to go to "the other side" and stop eating meat. But, I enjoy it. Does that make me unhealthy? I don't think so. It's a silly feeling, I know, but for some reason that's how eating with a vegetarian effects me.


Anonymous said...

The tag on this post is called "rambling" that's funny. So is that picture of the green onions! I like chicken and stuff. I'm sure veggies are healthy and stuff, but I think they miss out on Vitamin B, etc. One girl I know is having major kidney problems and is Anemic, and a vegetarian.... I'm like 'dude... eat some iron or something. Sheesh.'

But I feel kind of guilty too.
When I was pregnant I ate a big juicy hamburger every day.
I think that is nature's way of saying 'It's okay.'

yorksnbeans said...

you caught that ;-) yes, just like my tagline....occasional ramblings!

Not that I'm glad to hear your friend has health issues, but I guess that's evidence they aren't necessarily any healthier than us meat eaters!

Anonymous said...

yeah, I don't think they are. I think it's just important to eat variety, not too much of any one thing, and a plethora of "color"... like reds, yellows, greens, etc. If only I could hold myself to that, and not go for Jalapeno chips and chocolate for snacks. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who's a die-hard vegetarian, but not Vegan. She looks pretty healthy, but man, you should see some of the nasty stuff she puts in her food!!! Basically I think humans are not naturally vegetarian, so we have to go to extreme measures to become one and also be healthy.

That said, I think Americans eat FAR more meat than is good for us. So, my philosophy is to be a 'part-time' vegetarian. Eat meat a few days a week, don't eat it a few days a week.

But my husband doesn't agree with me, so we eat meat most days... :)

yorksnbeans said...

yep...that's my hubby too (he's from England - a true meat & potatoes kind a' guy) Many times I'll fill my plate with more veggies and a small piece of meat.

Geonite said...

There are so many "substitutes" out there you won't miss it after a very short period. The thought of eating meat makes me ill.